5 Tips for Your CNC Wood Router Machine Maintenance

router machine maintenance

With the advancement of technology, CNC wood router machines are playing a significant role in the manufacturing and manufacturing business. With its use, production is becoming much more effective and reliable. It can be used to cut heavy metals, accurately and without accident. One of the biggest questions about such a large device is its maintenance.

How to maintain a CNC wood router? You have to invest a lot behind the CNC router. If it is damaged or broken, the company will see a lot of losses. So, it needs to be maintained properly to avoid loss. Here are 5 tips on maintenance that will help you a lot. So, let’s get started.

5 Tips for Maintenance: CNC Wood Router

A CNC wood router machine is a computer-driven device by which design and cutting are done on wood. This includes arts, architecture prototyping, product improvement, creativity, and production activities. Here are 5 tips on how to maintain it in detail:

1. Maintain a Good External Environment for the Machine

The environment next to where you place the CNC wood machine can affect the functionality of the machine. Temperature plays a big role in this regard. Especially in winter, the temperature is much lower which affects the work of computers. So, enough heat must be arranged. If there is a machine in the area of ​​mild heat, it should be monitored so that there is less humidity. Also, it needs to be protected from dirt and pollution as this can lead to short circuits.

2. Keep the CNC Wood Router Clean

Cleanliness makes everything beautiful and much longer-lasting. Every part of the work should be cleaned at the beginning and the end. You can arrange an airgun for this, it can easily remove dust and sand. Lack of cleaning can increase dust and debris. The lead screw has a lot of external things attached to it so it needs to be cleaned constantly. Otherwise, it directly affects the engine and reduces the efficiency of the machine. As a result, product production and cutting are disrupted.

3. Regular Lubrication

CNC routers have many components that are always moving and rotating such as spindles, lead screws, guide rails, bearings, tool holders, and sliders. These become uneven for dust and debris as they rotate. Which reduces its rotational speed. These need to be lubricated regularly. Grease and oil should be given as per the instructions of the manufacturer and before buying. If this is not done the CNC router will lose its ability to work and maybe severely damaged which may not be fixed later. So you need to lubricate regularly.

4. Follow Manufacturer’s Regular Maintenance Schedule

A guidebook will be provided at the time of purchase of the CNC Wood Router. Read it carefully so you will be aware of their instructions. Your CNC router will not fail easily if it is applied correctly. This is especially true for your incompetent employees because they make more mistakes. Following these will make your business better and the machine will last longer.

5. Have Quick-wear Parts on Hand

CNC router bits, CNC tool holder clips, collets, in-stock These parts are usually more damaged. Store these so that they can be repaired as soon as they are damaged and production can begin. In this case, your transportation costs and expenses will be much lower. Hire an electrician and a mechanic who will make this task easier for you. This way you will always be able to maintain production. Those are tips for maintenance project.


Create a team for the maintenance of the CNC wood router whose job will be to take care of its details. You do not have to do anything separately. The more you take care of it, the longer it will last and work. Know the use of machine guns properly and remember the above tips.

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