College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Students

The fact is, your dorm room will be the place you’ll probably do most of your assignments. And the appearance of this room affects your academic success in a way that people often underestimate. Upon enrolling in your new dorm you’ll definitely find an absence of character. And the fact that a hundred similar apartments surround you from all sides doesn’t help it feel cozier. For your college dorm room, you want the decorations that will inspire you to study in a good mood. You want something that makes you feel at home even though you are far from it. That said, let us delve into these ten college dorm room decorating ideas for students.

Colors matter

If you have a choice to change colors in your dorm room, you should take advantage of it and do it with knowledge. Not all colors are good for studying. Some colors can even put you in depression. For example:

  • Purple is known for causing a bad mood. So if you like that color, consider using it moderately.
  • Orange and green bring relaxation and help to focus, which is a good thing for education.
  • While Red can provoke you to action, which is not always a bad thing.
  • The White color is universally neutral. But use it alongside other objects that would fill in the blanks.

A wall with pictures

This is another opportunity for you to add the character you want to your college dorm room. Do you like landscape pictures or covers of your favorite metal band? An Avengers poster or a flower in a frame? The choices are numerous. You may wish to find some anchor decor. And every picture is like a window into another world. The amount of character they can convey is so great that you’d better discuss it first with your roommate. Find out what will be comfortable for all the inhabitants of your room and fill out those blank walls with some good mood. Another alternative would be to place photos of your family on your desk, your dresser, or near your bed. This could make you feel closer to your actual home.

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Plants add more life

Every plant is a microcosm of itself. If you look in the pot, you can see all the elements of the forest there, as is said in a best essay writing service review. If you want to add more detail and life to your room, consider placing some plants and flowers. It is hard to overestimate how much one flower can live up the room. Not only its colors and aroma make adding plants a good choice for your dorm. They also bring a staple of nature with them. Place a group of succulents on your desk and you’ll find yourself studying on a forest lawn that almost makes you feel the sound of a stream nearby.


There are several ways to make your room horrible with lamps. You can have an overly lit dorm room that feels like a hospital. Or the opposite, an underlit cave that makes it difficult to read. To avoid this, strive for balance with your lighting. Place a lamp on your desk, so your studies will be highlighted in front of you, rather than having the light from behind your shoulders. Put a comfy nightstand near your bed that will make you feel cozy and secure. Different colors and variations allow a lot of character here too. Also, such study devices as computers or your smartphone come with in-built lighting of course. But having an overall lamp that would disperse their blue light would significantly help your eyes.


If you have a window in your college dorm room, you would want to decorate it as well. An empty window may feel quite sad, while curtains introduce a lot of comfiness into your dwelling. Best essay writing service USA claims that not only do they help with controlling temperature and sunlight, but also make you feel more secure and homey. And vast varieties of color and forms of the curtains come as a pleasant bonus. Curtains placed on a bed or between could also give a greatly needed personal corner for introverted students.

Relaxation place

This is a must-have if you plan to unwind from your studies in your room with your friends. Having a sofa that could fit everyone would be great. If not, place a couple of chairs or bean sacks around a coffee table. This is where your movie nights, board games, and snacks will happen, so try to make it suitable. Since storage space is always in demand, consider using ottomans and other compact furniture that would keep your games, books, and snacks. You can also get yourself a Chair for Relaxing from online furniture store or you can even visit the nearby store.

Verticality is also space

Is a great way to expand when your space is limited. Use a loft bed that accommodates a study area underneath. Put some shelves that would store your items, and keep them out of the way. As is said in essay writing service reviews, you should place your items you don’t immediately need higher up, while the necessities should be closer to the bottom. Use bins and baskets to organize them better. Also, place some plants in hanging pots and create foliage above your heads like in real woods. Keep in mind that it should be easily traversable and won’t endanger people below.

Rugs make a difference

What sets your dorm room from any other college room is a soft rug on your floor. It will provide you with an option to go barefoot. It’ll change the sounds in your room. And would store the warmth during the cold seasons. You could cover the whole floor with a big carpet that will make you feel like an extension of your bed. You could make multilayered rugs that serve different purposes. Or you could place one rug in the place you want to feel the most comfortable. It would also help set it apart from the rest of the room, as a special corner with extra coziness.

Fairy lights

Even the blankest room can give you holiday vibes if you place some fairy lights along the walls. Multicolored lights work well both during the day and at night and the effect never grows old. They’re great for study and movie nights, they don’t blind you with excessive lighting and usually can be adjusted to your liking. You can put them above your desk to make it brighter, or around the door frame turning it into a magical portal. And if you’re afraid of the dark, fairy lights are a perfect solution if you place them above your bed.

Do not over-clutter

Let’s be honest, people tend to amass items they don’t need. Being placed in a dorm room that is usually smaller than our home bedroom makes us want to stack as many necessities as we could need. But this could easily end in an over-cluttered room that is hard to go move through or find things you need for the study. To prevent this, be mindful of what you actually need in your dorm room. Designate a place for every item and try to always put it there. Having your study place always tidy would greatly boost your studies and mood overall.

Bottom line

Take advantage of these college dorm room decorating ideas and your life in college will be as comfortable as home.

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