7 classic colors you should consider for your wedding

Many details go into make any wedding a wonderful day. One of the most important is the use of color. A bride’s colors will be shown in many ways. These are the colors she uses in her floral arrangements. They’re also the colors she might ask her bridesmaids to wear and use to decorate the reception area. For brides across the country, it helps to think about the kind of colors they like best. Many brides have a basic color or series of colors they have in mind that they’d like to bring to the wedding venue and reception area. Many different beautiful colors can also be used to help set off the details of the bride’s Wedding Dresses Luv Bridal Brisbane.

Shades of Pink

Pink is always in style. Brides and members of the wedding party love pink. This is where red shades into white and becomes softer and sweeter. When looking at pink possibilities, brides can find a vast spectrum of choices to pick from. Lighter shades are a good choice for a spring wedding and speak of new beginnings. They go well with other shades the bride might want to use such as vivid violet flowers for contrast.

Darker shades of pink can be used well in other seasons. A shade like hot pink stands out against any background. Dress the flower girl in a pink dress she’ll love as she comes down the aisle in front of the bride. Add hot pink touches on the table with interesting plates.

Classic Cranberry

Cranberry is a strong color that makes an instant statement. This color combines many other colors including brown and red. Use cranberry for a bold touch that makes guests instantly take notice and admire it. Start with this color in the wedding invitations. People will open the invitation and smile. Cranberry suggests warmth and life. Pair it with colors from the other side of the color wheel like yellow for maximum impact as you decorate the wedding setting. A set of candles can be set along the wedding tables on top of white cloth for added something extra.

Elegant Navy

Brides in search of something truly classic should look to navy. Navy blue calls to mind summer skies and days spend outside along the shore dipping your toes in the refreshing waters. Brides can bring this color to their own wedding today. Start by dressing any young male attendants in this color. The sailor suit look works perfectly at any wedding. Little boys love being part of the wedding party just as much as everyone else. The groom can choose navy blue to match the boys for a unified look that looks great in photographs. Navy work very well with many other colors. For a spring or summer wedding, add in additional shades of white and other shades of blue. Lighter shades of blue work even better and make people feel instantly welcome at any wedding.

Emerald Green

Shades of green speak of renewal and happiness. People can use bright shades of emerald to help bring the outdoors inside. A sea of green carpeting provides lovely contrast with any white or ivory wedding gown. Emeralds look great against many skin tones. The set off red or blond hair to perfection. This is a good choice for any bride in search of a dramatic color to use on her wedding day. Emerald green is full of light and life.

Use the shade to add a tiny bit of color to your wedding dress. Follow in Princess Eugenie’s footsteps with an emerald tiara like the one she wore. This color can be successfully paired with lots of other shades of green. Colors like grass and lime look fabulous in any backdrop. Shades like pink and other pastel colors are also good when using this color as the main color in any wedding decor plan.

Fields of Gold

Gold and other shades of yellow are a wonderful choice for the bride who loves lots of color and wants to bring in the bling. Gold can be used with other colors in a similar vein such as canary, lemon yellow, butter, banana, honey and pineapple. This is a great choice for the bride who loves sunny skies and wants to pay homage to them on her special day. Use gold accent pieces like gold toned ribbons with the bridesmaid’s dresses to add something wonderful as they walk down the aisle in front of you. Flowers like daises and dahlias work very well for a wedding set in the afternoon.

Pretty Peach

Soft peach is lovely and pleasing to the eye. Peach spans many tones. Lighter colors like apricot and sunrise are right for the bride who is looking for something a bit floral and completely feminine. Create a bouquet of flowers in with tulips and roses that show off the details of any wedding gown and bring attention to the bride’s beautiful complexion. Brighter colors like peach with more hints of orange are a good choice for the groom’s ushers. Pair this shade with lots of shades of blue and yellow for a that works equally well in summer or fall. Layer apricot placements below yellow and ginger flowers. The bride can place a wreath of peach flowers in her dark curls.

Spring Lavender

Lavender is one of many glorious shades of light and dark purple that everyone loves. Lavender is a soothing color that is full of personality. This is the ideal color for a wedding in the middle of the spring. Use large purple sashes for the bridesmaid’s dresses and any hair items. Lavender is ideal for use with lots of shades of green. Shades of mint green are particularly appropriate as they call to mind fields of wildflowers and bring to mind the very first hint of spring. The same is true of deeper shades of purple such as plum and amethyst.

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