Common Maintenance That Pools Need

Pool maintenance should be a daily thing and there are many steps in maintaining a pool. This changes during the winter and summer months but there are certain common maintenance that your pool needs that never change.

Skimming your pool regularly is an easy job that makes your overall job easier. If you skim daily then your filter will remain cleaner and skimming the surface will go by far faster than it could have had you not done it properly. Take your skimmer and move it over your pool removing leaves and debris. Do it at the end of the day or after a swim. If you have a pool vacuum you can easily remove leaves from the bottom of the pool and your filters job gets a lot easier and your job cleaning the filter is a now a much simpler job.

Maintaining a clean pool is only a hassle if you don’t do it properly. Scrubbing your pool is a great way to keep your water and your pool’s material looking their best. Scrubbing your pool does not have to be a daily task but it should be a regular task. Pick one day out of your week and scrub the sides of your pool using old rags. If you keep on a specific schedule the less difficult it will be. For tough spots place chlorine in a sealable cloth item and place it on the algae. The chlorine will eat away at it and will make it easier to remove.

Cleaning your filter regularly is an important task that mustn’t be overlooked. It is easy to forget but your pool needs its filter to do its job and if it isn’t able to perform that means more money is spent fixing a broken filter and more work is put on you. Just like your kidneys, your pool’s filter needs to be flushed out. It is your job to remove the filter basket and empty the leaves and debris that have collected there. Do this at least once a week. Schedule yourself if you have trouble remembering that way it becomes a routine. Missing one day can be disastrous for you when you go to clean them especially during the fall and windy days. Once a month you should focus on the pipes. Backwash your pipes by removing the basket, clearing it out and pushing the backwash button. Let it run until the clear water begins to flush out.

Don’t forget to stay on top of your pool’s chemical levels by checking them regularly. Once a week is the best schedule. Do this after you have skimmed the water and cleaned your filter. Your water’s chemical levels should look like this:

  • Cyanuric Acid protects the pool’s water from sunlight and should test between 30 and 50.
  • Free Chlorine is a sanitizer that cleanses the pool of germs.
  • Check your pool’s Acidity and Alkalinity by testing the pH levels. They should test between 7.5 and 7.8 to prevent irritation and protect the pool equipment from eroding.

A failure to stay on top of your pool’s chemical levels can become a real problem. Algae build up can occur when your pool is not properly maintained. Checking levels is a big part of that.

Pools are great fun and they need to be treated with care. Perform important maintenance regularly and you won’t have many problems in the future.

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Authentic Plaster and tile was founded by Diane Pierce and her family 35 years ago in Texas. Their specialty ranges from simple remodels with pool surface, tile, coping to complete swimming pool plastering in Houston by adding tan ledge, benches, water features and more. Also their own developed and manufactured pool surface material, Hydra Products, is warranted in-house and gives not only material warranty but also labor.

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