5 Best Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

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The contemporary living room is a versatile space that can be adapted for various purposes. It is perfect for those looking to create a room that is both functional and stylish. Modern living rooms are designed to be a space for gathering, socializing and entertaining.

They are often used to host guests or family gatherings in an informal setting, making them one of the most versatile and important rooms in your house. Whether you’re looking to redesign your current space or are interested in incorporating this style into a new design, the four contemporary living room designs discussed below are sure to offer inspiration.

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Top 5 Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

1. Start with the sofa

If you want to create a contemporary living room, the best place to start is with your sofa. It’s one of the most important design elements in any living room and can make or break its style. Beginning your search for the perfect sofa can be challenging. There are so many styles, colours and textures – it can be overwhelming to say the least! To help narrow it down, you can use the following 3 tips:

  • Use scale to determine size! The first thing you need to know before deciding on what sofa to buy is that the size of your living room will determine the size of your sofa. If your space is small, a loveseat may work best for you and if it’s large, you may want to go with a sectional.
  • Choose a style that reflects your taste- think clean lines or plush pillows. Do you like sleek and modern? Or more cozy and warm? Choosing the right design and colour of your sofa impacts the overall theme of the room – so be sure if you are going for a particular palette to match.
  • Check for comfort! No one wants a piece that looks nice but is horrible to sit on. The best couches have personality and are designed for comfort.
  • Be sure to check out these modular sofas in an outdoor friendly fabric to accommodate all of your guests!

2. Choose the right colour palette!

Choosing your colour palette is an extremely important decision. When it comes to decorating a modern living room, selecting the right palette can be daunting. There are so many shades out there! Thankfully, we have some tips for you. If you’re looking for a sleek yet welcoming look, try pairing light colors with darker hues.

This will create the appearance of an expansive space without losing its coziness. For example, navy blue couches paired with soft cream walls would provide a cozy atmosphere while still feeling spacious due to the contrast in colors between dark and light shades. Alternatively, consider using color as an accent rather than an all-over pattern or tone; it will make the focal point stand out more effectively while also creating interest across different surfaces.

For those who prefer something vibrant and cheerful, go bold by using bright pastel tones like pink or yellow against white walls. Contemporary living rooms are known for using accessories or artwork to add colour and personality. Texture can also be added by incorporating plants or rugs!

3. Incorporate clean and crisp lines into the design

A contemporary style is all about simplicity and minimalism. This style is easy to maintain and features less clutter for a more relaxing environment.  A contemporary living room typically has a clean, sleek design. This style is very easy to decorate and creates a space that feels fresh and new.

Keeping with the minimalist theme, there are many ways to make this feel like your own without overdoing it on the details. You can incorporate clean lines with an emphasis on natural materials like wood or stone, or by using accessories against lighter backgrounds. White walls are a key feature in a modern space that allow you to play around with color in other ways (i.e., furniture, artwork).

4. Remember – stay away from too much clutter

It’s important to keep these spaces light so they feel airy and inviting! Also, according to the RACGP, research shows that clutter in our homes has an effect on our anxiety levels, ability to focus and sleep! You can check out more here. All the more reason to create a simple, sleek design that is appealing to the eyes, and our mental health!

5. Be consistent with your theme

To create a cohesive living room, consider one main theme throughout the space. You might pick geometric shapes, natural materials or modern patterns to tie everything together and give it more depth. The real key is just to be consistent with your theme. This way, every detail will flow together cohesively and make your space unique.


The living room is an important part of any home; it’s often where we spend most of our time entertaining guests or just relaxing on the sofa after a long day at work. A contemporary living room is designed to be a space that reflects the tastes and preferences of its occupant – while maintaining a fresh, innovative and stylish appeal.

The key element in designing this type of room is balance, which can be achieved by incorporating the tips we’ve shared into your design process. In this article, we have covered some of the most important design tips for a contemporary living room. We hope that you found it helpful and are inspired to create a space in your home that reflects what matters to you! What other tips do you have in designing a contemporary living room? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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