6 Cool Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Cool Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

It’s remarkable how changing a bathroom can change how a home feels as a whole. Although bathrooms are often considerably smaller than other rooms, even a minor update can make a glaring difference in the overall aesthetic appeal of a home.

That said, the internet is full of cool remodeling ideas ranging from entirely painting your bathroom to installing a few fixtures to changing outdated tiles to everything in between.

However, which idea to choose and implement in your own bathroom depends on a few things. Typically, your remodeling budget is something that plays a significant role when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

For instance, if you live in a rain-prone area such as Bloomingdale, IL, where the average annual rain is 38.1 inches. The rain can form puddles on your roof and seep into your bathroom’s tiles, walls, and ceiling.

Here, the cost of remodeling your bathroom can exceed your expectations. However, not to worry! Here are a few cool bathroom remodeling ideas that every homeowner should try!

1. Tile Your Bathroom Walls and Floor

When it comes to tiles, several solutions are available in every price range, style, and design form, style, and price range, so tiling bathroom walls or floors doesn’t have to be an expensive bathroom remodeling project. Instead, by covering the walls and floors of your bathroom with new tiles, you can hide worn-out or unsightly aesthetics and give the space a fresh look.

Of course, you can install the tile yourself too. However, hiring full-service bathroom remodelers will be a better idea here. In fact, this is especially the case if you live in Bloomingdale, IL, where inclement weather is a common occurrence. These bad weather conditions can leave your bathroom walls, flooring, and ceiling waterlogged. 

Therefore, opting for professional services in your area, for example, bathroom remodeling in Bloomingdale, will allow you to take advantage of the services the experts offer. 

2. Add Some Accent Art

Any area can be given personality and a huge mood boost with the help of accent items and wall art. Consider a gallery wall of smaller pieces or a huge statement piece that adds to your bathroom’s design and color theme, depending on the form and size of your bathroom’s walls. 

Whatever you decide, be sure to utilize statement pieces that won’t be torn, crumpled, or harmed by bathroom dampness as well as the appropriate artwork for the size of your wall. You can also look online for cheap bathroom wall art and accent pieces if you think purchasing from a dedicated store is out of your budget. 

3. Tune Up Your Bathtub

Spa baths are becoming increasingly common, particularly as people have been staying at home more since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

However, if you enjoy taking baths for a long time, think about upgrading to a more contemporary, bigger, newer bathtub that may act as your bathroom’s center point. We think a decent zero-gravity bathtub is excellent for calming and resting your body after a long day at work. 

If you can’t afford a zero-gravity bathtub, refinishing your old bathtub with a brand-new, high-gloss finish is another cost-effective option. As far as where to buy bathtub refinishing tools and equipment goes, you can visit Amazon, eBay, or your local hardware store. These tools and equipment cost a whole lot less than a new bathtub and enable you to bring your old, stained one back to life!

4. Prioritize Your Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity is probably one of its most important features when it comes to aesthetics. So, to refresh the entire experience, you should swap out outdated sinks and faucets for modern versions rather than buying a brand-new piece of furniture. 

In fact, to make the room feel cleaner at a far smaller expense, consider changing the stain or finish of your vanity or putting contact paper on cracked or peeling surfaces. This will allow you to have new-looking bathroom furniture without spending thousands of dollars purchasing new items.

Of course, you can do the latter if you have the budget. But we think that repurposing your existing bathroom furniture is a far better option!

5. Don’t Forget Your Bathroom Lighting 

Lifeless and outdated light fixtures can drown the life out of your bathroom. However, the good news is that these can be easily replaced without spending an arm and a leg. Many contemporary solutions with various lighting and brightness levels can improve your vision while standing in front of your bathroom mirror.

After all, this is especially the case when you stand in front of your vanity mirror, where you will want greater all-around light coverage. 

A modern statement piece for your bathroom’s main lighting will also bring the space together and create drama. That said, bathroom lighting is available in a broad range of finishes, mounts, and designs.

The best thing about changing your bathroom lighting is that your neighborhood home improvement store should have several pieces ideal for each bathroom component. So, ultimately, it’s all about choosing something that matches your bathroom’s overall design and aesthetics. 

6. Refresh Your Windows

The state of the windows in the bathroom, together with the color and amount of natural light, can make or break how you feel when you enter the space. So, consider reviving your glass with a new coating or new window panes since yellowing or outdated window coverings can seriously harm your bathroom’s overall look. 

Don’t forget the drapes and rods if you have some of your windows. After all, it’s not expensive to replace drab, broken, or unsightly drapes with sheer fabric or other alternatives that maintain your privacy while letting in a little light. 

The Final Words

Bathroom remodeling is both a fun and a great way to make a room look better while simultaneously saving money. If you are interested in doing bathroom renovations, you have several potential options.

One option is to treat your bathroom like an open room and paint it. DIY bathroom refinishing is a relatively easy and affordable way to transform your bathroom without professional help. Another option is to tile your bathroom floor and walls.

You can also add some art to your bathroom vanity, update your bathroom lighting, and refresh your windows for maximum impact.

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