Cooler, Cleaner and Healthier Air For Your Home

In summer, your house is too hot.  In winter, you wage a constant war against condensation on your walls and windows.  You’re painfully aware that there are musty smells and unpleasant odours in the house, though you can’t quite pinpoint what they are.  And worst of all, you and your family are battling with allergies and asthma…

Yours is a situation all too common among Australian home owners.  But take heart!  There’s a solution to your problem, and it’s a whole lot easier than you might have thought…

There are many home owners across the country that are proving the benefits of roof ventilation systems to combat all of these issues.  By taking advantage of what nature offers, i.e. fresh air and breeze, you could transform your home into one that provides maximum comfort and a healthy living environment all year round!

So, exactly how will roof ventilation help my home?


Maintaining a constant, pleasant temperature inside your home is important for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.  Installing roof ventilation is a natural and relatively inexpensive way to cool a home.  Air movement created by the ventilation system draws hot air out and replaces it with cooler and fresher air from outside.  One system that is commonly used in domestic situations is exhaust fans – they draw hot, moist or stale air out of the home via a roof vent.

A well-ventilated roof space is a key to releasing hot air which otherwise becomes trapped and heats up the house.


Moisture control inside your home is important, not only for comfort but for the health of you and your family.  Air movement is the best way to control natural moisture build up and this can be effectively managed using roof ventilation.  By drawing moist, stale air out of the house and replacing it with clean, fresh air from outside, you will dramatically improve this problem.

Odours and allergies:

If you are always aware of a damp and musty smell in your house, it’s likely that the cause of it is poor ventilation.  In fact, in a poorly ventilated home, the smell may be caused by mould – a potential health risk and allergy trigger.

By drawing out damp, polluted air and replacing it with clean, fresh air from outside, you may lessen the presence of unpleasant odours and dramatically improve the quality of the air inside your home.  This will help reduce the risk of allergy and asthma for people inside your home and provide a much healthier living environment.


Many Australians spend huge amounts of money on running air conditioning units every summer.  By installing adequate roof ventilation you can cut back on the amount you have to use your air conditioner and save yourself money on your electricity bill.

Cooler, cleaner and healthier air will make all the difference in your home.  And the solution isn’t as hard as you might’ve thought.  After all, you do spend a good deal of time inside your houses, so the temperature inside and the quality of the air you breathe is important.  By installing roof ventilation you can take advantage of natures resources and enjoy fresh, clean air all year round.

Louise Procter is a writer for Living by the beach, on the sunny South Coast of NSW she enjoys sipping a good strong coffee whilst creating articles that provide information and inspiration to readers to help them in their everyday lives.

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