7 Tips To Create A Family Bathroom Design Everyone Will Enjoy: Family Bathroom Design Ideas

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Sharing a bathroom between all members of the family may not be ideal, but it need not be uncomfortable. With a little planning and foresight, you can design a beautiful bathroom the entire family will enjoy. In fact, a well-planned bathroom will be a gift to family members, making it easier to prepare for their day as they each tackle separate and busy schedules.

If you are interested in taking your family bathroom design to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of things to consider, and Brisbane bathroom designers are ready to help you tackle the difficult questions. Check out this list of insightful tips to get you started!

7 Fabulous Family Bathroom Design Ideas

Create A Flexible Space

Family bathrooms are largely about practicality — getting things done before moving forward in your day, but that doesn’t mean they should be strictly utilitarian spaces.

It’s important to allow for indulgence. After all, not every moment spent in the bathroom is about getting down to business. Your family bathroom can also be an oasis — a place to separate yourself from the world and escape the rigors of daily life.

Allow For Plenty Of Storage

Storage is something that is often overlooked when planning a family bath, but don’t be fooled — it’s one of the most important features of any bathroom design. Without plenty of storage space, your beautiful family bath will quickly become overrun with clutter as family members jostle for limited space.

The amount of room you dedicate to storage is typically determined by the amount of overall space you have available. If your working on a new construction project, then you can allow extra space to help control the accumulation of odds and ends.

In renovation projects, however, every centimeter counts and you need to think creatively. Making minor modifications to your design can go a long way. One easy example is to forego a wall-mounted wash basin and opt for one with a vanity that provides plenty of space to tuck things away.

Two Basins Are Better Than One

Having two wash basins may seem luxurious, but in a family bathroom they can be a necessity — not to mention a blessing. Twin basins allow two children to brush their teeth at the same time, two girls to style their hair simultaneously, or dad to shave while mom applies makeup (provided the honeymoon is over, of course!).

There really aren’t many drawbacks to installing twin basins. The only restrictions are those of space and cost. If these are factors in your design project, you might consider scaling back another aspect of your family bath. Perhaps considering a smaller shower might be a good way to gain needed space and funds.

Check out the pros and cons of twin wash basins here.

Build In Durability

It’s no secret that family bathrooms are subjected to much more daily use than master baths or guest baths. Children and teens can be hard on any living space and don’t always consider how destructive their behavior can be. This makes it important to build in extra durability when designing your new family bath.

One simple choice to help keep your bathroom looking its best is to use tile. Tile is amazingly strong and holds up well under even the roughest conditions. It’s easy to clean and highly water resistant. Did your tub overflow? No problem, wipe it right up. Sick kids? No worries — a bit of water and some disinfectant and your space will be as beautiful as ever.

Lastly, tile is available in a large variety of colors, styles, and textures. And best of all, it can be worked into any budget!

Opt For Luxury

Although it’s true that you need to consider durability as you design your new family bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it luxurious. When thoughtfully planned, a family bathroom can be a dreamy escape from the pressures of the world.

It’s important to remember luxury doesn’t have to be unaffordable. Small finishing touches are not always obvious but will give your family bath the feeling a luxurious day spa without draining your bank account.

Things to consider might include:

  • A heated towel rack
  • Waterfall-style basin faucets
  • Stylish lighting


There are plenty of other options for creating a luxurious family bath. Hopefully, the few listed here will spark your creativity and set you on the right path.

Shower Vs Bath: The Ultimate Dilemma

Okay, this is a bit of an exaggeration, but this question does pose challenges that need to be addressed. Showers are better suited to households with busy teens and parents. In addition, oftentimes live in grandparents have a difficulty getting in and out of a tub.

On the other hand, a good tub will serve young families with small children who need assistance from mom and dad while bathing. And don’t forget pets! Rover and Mittens need the occasional bath as well. If this can’t be accomplished outdoors (you live in a condo, for example) then the family tub could be the only option.

Ideally, if you have enough space and budget, a separate tub and shower are the answer, but if this can’t be accomplished, rest assured there are some fantastic combination units that will serve all members of the family well.

Multi-tasking Matters

This is something you may not have thought about, but you may need your family bathroom to function as more than a bathroom. For instance, in many households, the bathroom does double duty as a laundry room. This is especially true in smaller homes.

In situations such as these, embracing modern space-saving options such as stackable washer/dryer units and built-in hideaway ironing boards can give your family bath extra functionality and still leave enough space for all your bathroom needs.

Excited yet? This list offers some fantastic ideas and plenty of considerations that have hopefully got you thinking. As long as you plan ahead and tackle your design creatively, you should be able to have the family bathroom of your dreams. This doesn’t mean your bath has to be a budget nightmare. Remember you can achieve the right blend of function, durability, and luxury with just a little forethought. So, don’t waste another minute. Get started on your design project today!

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