5 Ways to Create a Zen Bathroom

What do you look forward to after a long tiring day? Everybody loves a relaxing atmosphere after struggling the entire day with life’s hurdles. Fortunately, our homes have the best place for relaxationthe bathroom. But not just any bathroom, you need to pump it with great ideas to enhance its relaxing atmosphere.

You could never go wrong in turning your bathroom into a Zen bathroom. Are you wondering how? In this article, questions like what a Zen bathroom is and how to make one will get answered. You may need to continue reading for insight.

What is a Zen Bathroom?

Zen means a state of attentiveness in a calm manner where your actions get guided by intuition and not your conscious effort. A Zen bathroom, therefore, contains a meditative, calming, and harmonious environment. In such a bath, you can quiet your mind and rejuvenate your body. The good news is, your bathroom may not qualify on the list of the perfect or Asian styled bathrooms, but you can upgrade it to offer you a Zen living. You only need to add some Zen-inspired elements like décor and colors. A Zen bathroom is ideal for long warm baths. The following ideas are excellent in transforming your bathroom into a Zen one. To get to know more about how to create a zen bathroom, check the following website: My Home Zen Spa.

How Do You Create a Zen Bathroom?

With their welcoming and beautiful nature, Zen bathrooms are excellent in relaxing. They feature nature-inspired colors and a calming atmosphere. From our detailed research, the following ways are excellent in creating a Zen bathroom.

1.    Go Minimal in a Decent Manner

Decluttering your bathroom is not only suitable for your bathroom, but also your mind. Things scattered everywhere may make you topple, and it’s also not good for the eyes. Your brain cannot relax in such an environment. It is therefore essential to keep all the toiletries hidden. You can do so in an attractive manner to create a decorative statement. For example, find a beautiful glass jar and lock your toiletries inside. Then place the jar in a specific place in your bathroom to enhance its look.

Some things you’ve placed in your bathroom may not be necessary; get rid of them. If you have problems knowing what to keep and let go, pretend that you are packing for a holiday. You will be able to choose what you want because you will opt for what works out for you.

2.    Add Some Wood

The feel of nature and warmth that comes with the wood is undeniable. Although many bathrooms come with tiles, marble, and terrazzo, the use of wood is a great idea. But because to maintain the real wood is a piece of work, you can go for alternatives like faux wood. It still brings out the nature experience, and you got different colors and textures to choose from. Go for what your heart desires. But if remodeling is not your thing, consider placing wooden additions in your bathroom. For example, a wooden floor mat, stool, or some tree branches. Some people prefer putting wood floor mats outside their shower, and it works out perfectly.

But for real wood in your bathroom, consider using teak shower floors that are custom made because maintaining them is easy. You can easily remove, wash, and air-dry them easily. For a natural tropical vibe, you may need to consider using bamboo shades. They work like magic!

3.    Buy Soft Towels

Wrapping a soft towel around your body after bathing enhances your bathroom’s well-being. Over the years, thin towels have invaded the market. Warm towels, like the thick ones made with ultra-soft materials like combed cotton, and come in soothing colors are best preferred. You can imagine how a warm towel can spoil you during chilly winter days.

4.    Introduce Greenery

Green is a natural color, and its sight is attractive and refreshing. Green indoor plants are a perfect way of transforming your bathroom into a Zen bathroom. You not only get refreshed but enjoy but you also enjoy the natural element vibe they bring in the bathroom space. What’s impressive of these indoor plants is that some possess extra benefits like air purification. Also, some are very easy to maintain and ideal to use in a Zen bathroom. For example, Peace Lily, Lucky Bamboo, and Snake Plant.

The Peace Lily plant reduces your bathroom’s moisture and looks elegant. It enhances your bathroom’s beautiful appearance. Lucky Bamboo works out great with low light. You only need to take a glass vase containing pebbles and place it inside. You will love the way a Snake Plant fills up nicely in your bathroom’s corner. It also purifies the air.

5.    Use Scents

Scents leave us refreshed, but some have more to offer like aromatherapy. But you should be careful about what smells works out for you. Consider if you have any allergies before using them. But the right scents can enhance your overall well-being and boost your mood. Also, they attribute to your optimal relaxation. Burning candles and scented sticks are a way of introducing these scents in your bathroom, but you shouldn’t make them clutter. If well placed, they make an excellent decorative addition in your bathroom.

If you love using various beauty products, you may also need to consider their smells — for example, the shower gels and moisturizers. There is no better feeling than a sweet smell of your moisturizer or shower gel after a good shower. Incredible scents are renowned for enhancing the Zen element in our bathrooms. If beauty products are not your thing, why not go natural? Some flowers smell nice and are refreshing. For example, rose flowers. Get some and place in your bathroom. After your warm relaxing shower, pick them up and inhale their beautiful smell.

The above ways are just a few from the many available. If none of the above ways works out for you, try other methods like use of bamboo made towel rack to help declutter your bathroom. It brings out an Asian touch into your bathroom. It is also elegant and comes in a sober design. Also, try using waterproof tile stickers. It is an excellent way of waking your bathroom up without going through the cladding work. Those with warm patterns get preferred more. With these stickers, you quickly give pep to your bathroom’s dull wall or hide a crack. Creating a Zen bathroom in our homes is essential. Here are the reasons why.

Why Should You Consider Making a Zen Bathroom?

Due to our busy schedules, we tend to grumble about being overtired, worked, or stressed. As a result, we crave for time and a proper platform to enjoy optimal relaxation. Most people rush home after a long tiring day, and there’s no better place to enjoy your relaxation than home. It is therefore essential that you create that space where you can relax fully. Our bathrooms are the ideal place because we take care of ourselves in them and consists of a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. To boost our bathroom’s relaxation abilities, we only need to add some Zen elements. As a result, you can enjoy many hours of relaxation in your home after work.


Nothing feels better than enjoying a refreshing optimal relaxation in your home after a day’s hustle. But as explained above, most bathrooms come as standard, and may not offer much in regards to relaxation and refreshment. Luckily, we can improve them to Zen bathrooms for a better relaxation experience. There exist many ways you can create a Zen bathroom, as discussed above. You only need to choose one and enjoy a luxurious relaxation in a serene atmosphere. If you are not sure of where to start or what to choose, use the discussed methods above as your starting point.

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