Out of the Ordinary: Creating a Quirky Kitchen Space

Whilst of course, a classic contemporary kitchen space looks brilliant with their bifold doors and sleek and modern styling, sometimes it is much nicer to have a unique space.

Having a kitchen that works hard whilst combining gorgeous and unusual features can look amazing. The best part about having a quirky kitchen is the fact that more often than not, it will incorporate affordable ideas, meaning that a big budget is by no means necessary when it comes to giving your kitchen a touch of personality.

Dig Through the Reclamation Yard

Reclamation yards and second-hand stores can be a great place to pick up furniture and other kitchen trinkets.

Get creative with the materials you find and you can often find cabinets and worktops being sold for a steal.

Add a Touch of Modern Minimalism

Adding black cabinets and contrasting them against a white wall is a fresh take on the minimalist movement. It’ll look stunning in its own right, but it is beautifully designed without looking too showy. Add a wooden splashback and make the space look even more original, with heaps of character. 

This design also looks wonderful in a smaller space, quietly slotted along one wall, taking up minimal space.

Introduce Some Vintage Glam

Don’t overlook the opportunity to pick up second-hand furniture and retro-styled appliances into your kitchen. 

Whilst professionally fitted modern cabinets can deliver practical benefits, having vintage touches can add some character.

For example, SMEG appliances can look excellent and add a touch of modern-retro to any space. Make sure to work with a reputable appliance stockist, such as Appliance World, a proud supplier of SMEG in Manchester.

Mix Materials

Steer away from matching designs and work with a range of materials that compliment each other, bringing together a fresh and unique look. Whatever the age of your house, mix antique furniture with contemporary units and use sheet copper as a splashback to create a beautiful mix.

Using a range of materials will also help you to keep design costs to a minimum, allowing you to spend out on some aspects and save on others, without compromising on the overall look of your kitchen space.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Why not include some recycled materials? Old cupboard doors, old scaffolding planks, wooden sleepers and salvaged metals can all look brilliant together to create a stylish, yet rustic space to be proud of.

Add a Pop of Colour to the Walls

A great way to create an eye catching and quirky space is by adding a bright, vivid colour to the walls. This will add lots of character, no matter what colour you opt for. Just make sure it’s one you love and shouts ‘you’!

Choose Freestanding, and Have Fun!

Don’t feel as though you have to keep to trends and invest in expensive runs of cabinetry. Why not celebrate the freedom that freestanding units can bring you, instead! They can look just as good as any built in kitchen, with an added exciting, original feel of a space that’s all yours.

We hope the above ideas have given you some inspiration to think out of the box and create a quirky kitchen space that you can be proud of. After all, when you express yourself, you can sit back and relax in a space that is well and truly yours.

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