Cures For Condensation By Homes

Cures For Condensation

Condensation is nevertheless more common cause in many of the houses. As we all know that warm air has more quantity of water as vapor than cool air. Condensation is caused when moist air comes into contacts with cool surface. The appearance of mist on the windows or in severe cases water dripping down on to the window sills has often been observed you.

The air present in a home contains a reasonable amount of the moisture. This amount doesn’t remain the same. At certain temperature the amount of moisture in the air is at its peak, this is called saturation. To be precise, the warmer the air more will be the moisture it contains.

In past time, houses were built with a well equipped ventilation system and the source of heat was only the solid fuel fires, the condensation problem was not known. Today, everyone wants to have their home well insulated and draught proof to minimize the bills. Central heating system and insulated walls are one main reason of condensation in the present time. There is no specific place for condensation to happen, it can happen anywhere in the house like in attics, walls, windows, wardrobes, inside bricked up chimneys.

Curing condensation

To cure condensation it is necessary to find out the major cause of it. Without having perfect knowledge about the causes of the condensation, you will not be able to control it. Condensation is usually depends on four main factors which have to keep in mind before devising any remedial task. The four factors are: the amount of heat you put into your house, the surface temperature of walls, windows etc, how much ventilation you provide and how much moisture you produce.

One way to get rid of condensation problem is to minimize the moisture level in the air and improve the heating system of the room or affected area of the house. This is not easy to achieve, you have to get everything perfectly right, and especially a balance is needed between all the four factors. A proper heating system and proper ventilation should be considered as the best cures for condensation in all the cases. Along with these two primary cures, many secondary cures are also needed.

Introduction of proper ventilation will definitely help you to reduce the moisture in the air. Linked with ventilation heating system will should be set in such a way that it will provide low level background heat. This low level of heating will help to control the temperature of the entire house, and will also help with slight warming of the wall surfaces. Along with these two some other remedial measure will help curing the condensation. Those measures are:

– Take the excess moisture producing sources away
– Install a dehumidifier
– Stop water penetration
– Apply thermal insulation

It is important to evaluate all the factors before using any measure, its cost, its usefulness in long or short run. Only in that way you will be able to treat condensation properly.

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