5 Dangerous Mosquito Species in Ft. Lauderdale


While they’re small and seem innocuous, mosquitoes are the most deadly creatures on the planet. They spread disease and make people sick. However, the good news is that you can avert the spread of illness by contacting a professional pest control service.

Choose a service specializing in mosquito control with the equipment and chemical necessary to ensure eradication. You will soon understand the need for this type of control when you learn more about some of the main species in Ft. Lauderdale.

Finding Mosquito Control Near Me: Have You Been Wondering About Your Options?

Have you been asking, “Where can I find a company that offers mosquito control near me?” If so, you’re on the right track. If you’re sick of seeing mosquitoes or understand their threat, you don’t’ want to waste any time getting rid of them.

The state of Florida and Ft. Lauderdale is home to 5 significant species of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like the water and a warm and humid climate, so they frequently settle in yards and on lots of commercial and residential properties. Some of the main offenders include Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, Yellow Fever Mosquitoes, House Mosquitoes, Black Salt Marsh Mosquitoes, and Anopheles Mosquitoes.

1. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

This mosquito’s name comes from the tiger stripe on its body. It also features white bands around its slim legs. It transmits disease by biting the skin of a human or animal.

2. Yellow Fever Mosquitoes

You’ll recognize this mosquito from its black-colored abdomen and the white scales on its thorax. White banding appears on tarsal segments of the hind legs, which creates a striped pattern.

3. House  or Culex Mosquitoes

Also known as Culex Mosquitoes, House Mosquitoes are aggressive and like to bite mammals and birds. One type in particular–the Southern House Mosquito–is extremely active in the evening and at night. It is of medium size and colored brown.

4. Black Salt Marsh Mosquitoes

This mosquito species prevails over the eastern coast of the U.S. They usually emerge after flooding or heavy rain. They also bite aggressively. Unlike other mosquitoes, who lay eggs in the water, they lay the eggs in mud,

5. Anopheles – Carriers of Malaria

Anopheles are well known for the transmission of malaria. While the disease is no longer a significant threat in the U.S., you still cannot bypass the dangers of these disease carriers. The mosquitoes, which are dark in color, lay eggs in ponds, lakes, or streams. Anopheles bite both people and animals.

Do All Mosquitoes Bite?

Only female mosquitoes, as male mosquitoes do not need the blood. Females, on the other hand, depend on blood to create and lay eggs. Therefore, the females use a proboscis (a long and thin mouthpart) to pierce the skin and suck blood.

Mosquitoes Love Water and Flowers

Mosquitoes, in Florida, like tall grassy areas, dense vegetation, and areas of standing water. A mosquito, who has even limited access to water – in a bird bath or gutter, will find the spot attractive. Also, both males and females like nectar, so if your yard has lots of flowers, it will also attract mosquitoes.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes Today

If you want to avoid illness and increase the comfort level on your patio or deck, you need to keep the area around your property mosquito-free. Not only do you need pest control, but you also need to schedule mosquito control regularly.

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