Easy Tips To Deal With Household Pests

Tips To Deal With Household Pests

Pests are common household nausea which required a considerable attention to be dealt with. Either you are having ants marching across the kitchen or having the wasps’ nest in the eaves, an immediate action is required to make your home free from these intruders. Lets us discuss some of common pests and their preventive ways briefly.

Common Pests


Ants are the most common pest found everywhere in the house in the hot weather, especially in kitchens. It is better to use ant killer sprays to remove them. Also keep your worktops clean, mop up sweet spills immediately to keep ants away.


Cockroaches are the toughest household pests to exterminate. Some major steps are needed to control them thoroughly. Cockroaches are very harmful for health as well, as they carry bacteria that cause food poisoning. They usually hide in the dark places like under sink, in drainage pipes. Use pesticides to eradicate them.


Fleas are more common in houses with pets. They usually live in the body of cats and dogs. However, there are many useful products available in the market that can be used on pets to keep them free from fleas. Also you can contact your vet for better advice. Powder pesticides are considered as best treatment to eradicate fleas.


You can control the flies by covering the rubbish bins properly. You can also use the traditional slow-release fly killer strips, as they are very effective. You can also use fluorescent trap to exterminate the flies.


If you find any signs of nibbled food or chewed wiring, you may have mice in your home. These are not easy to tackle and you may have to contact the South Florida Pest Control services. You can also buy a trap and poison from DIY shop to exterminate the mice.


In hot and humid climate, mosquitoes and gnats become the big problem. Specialized insecticides are available which can help you control these. Make sure that windows and doors have mosquitoes’ screens. Cover all the water reservoirs as mosquitoes breed on still water.

Silver fish

These are insects that live in dark, damp places. These are more common where there is poor ventilation. These are harmful for wallpaper, book covers and papers in picture frames etc. certain insecticides are available to exterminate them.


A small number of wasps can be controlled by specialized sprays. However, if the numbers are large, this is an indication that they have a nest somewhere in the home. Better to contact a pest control contractor to remove the nest.


If you don’t give any attention to your old furniture, there are chances that your furniture will get attacked by woodworm. Woodworm can be extremely disastrous, so as soon as you see any sign of damage, act quickly. Woodworm has the tendency to move from one piece to another quite rapidly. So, it is important to deal with them quickly in order to minimize the damage. Special woodworm eradication kits are available that can be used against them.

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