Tips To Decorate Your Home With Framing


One way to add personality to your home is to display photographs and pictures on the plain walls. Photographs and pictures give texture and substance to the walls. Displaying pictures is not just enough, you have to bring some versatility and style out of the.

It is great to have magnificent work of art, photographs and pictures, but arranging them on wall is another art. These should not be uniform; you have to bring some style such as hang them in groups instead of in straight line or creating an impact by using different size portraits on a plain, colored washed wall. You can find plenty of items that you can use to display on wall such as:

  • Art postcards
  • Color plates from old books
  • Close-up photographs of flower heads, or black-and-white landscapes
  • Memorabilia from films, magazine covers, or even your childhood
  • Children’s handprints or early drawings

Choosing the Right Frame

It is always important to choose the right frame for your pictures, photographs or whatsoever you want to fit in the frame.

Frame is way to provide protection your precious art work, photographs and pictures, by surrounding them with dry, rigid material. Frames are not merely worked as protective covering, but also enhance the looks of the art work or picture they hold.

Choose the frame according to the style and nature of the picture. For instance, a formal brass frame may be a better option for a portrait, a contemporary steel frame may work well for modern print and a colorful painted wooden frame will be ideal for children’s drawings.

You frame should be in harmony with the d├ęcor of the room surroundings. The selected frame should fit both subject and location.

Prefer using a non-reflective glass for your larger prints or photos. This will give you a clear view of the picture even when the light is shining on it.


Hanging a frame require some precautionary measures. In case you don’t have a picture rail, you can use picture hooks to hang the frame. Normally, a single picture hook can support a typical frame of up to 60cm by 90cm (2ft by 3ft).

To make larger pictures more secure, always use a double hook or two singles.

Some standard frames require hanging wire or strong string to be hanged. To install a picture hanging wire, turn over the frame, you will see two eyelets on the back, pass the brass hanging wire trough the two eyelets and bring both wire ends back to the center. Use pliers to twist secure them.

Clip frames almost follow the same path as standard frames. You need to install a wire or string to hang the frame. Clip frames are considered as the easiest frames to manage, as you just have to open the four clips on each side, position the picture in and replace the clips. You are ready to hang it on the desired place.

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