Decorating Hacks for Smaller Homes

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Not everyone has an excess of space in their home to try out a variety of interior decorating styles. Small homes are just as deserving of good design as larger ones and so here are some tips to help you decorate for a smaller space.

Careful Use of Colors

Using paler colors in a small space will give the illusion of a larger area. This is because more light will bounce off the lighter surfaces and decrease the potential for shadows. Of course, if you want to achieve a cozier look then warm, deep colors and indulgent textures will serve to make a space feel smaller and more snug.

Choosing the color palette of your home greatly depends on how you want to feel when you step through your front door, and this can vary from room to room. For example, a bright and airy kitchen might help you feel motivated to cook whereas a dark and warm bedroom will invite you to relax. Figure out the atmosphere you want to create in each part of your home to plan your colors in advance.

Mirrors and Lights

Even the smallest of spaces can be made to feel spacious with the careful and strategic use of mirrors. Again, reflecting light creates the illusion of a bigger space. Although you know there isn’t a mirrored version of the room on the other side, your mind will still feel as if there is more space surrounding you. Good lighting will also help add a sense of depth to your home. Fill any shadowy spots with a lamp or some candles to illuminate every corner, or create dramatic lighting effects that enhance your chosen mood.

Decluttering and Storage

One of the easiest ways to help make a small home feel more spacious is to be extremely discerning about what you choose to fill it with. Clutter in any home can be irritating, but if you are already lacking in space then it can be a real nuisance. If you don’t want something, sell it, donate it, or give it to a friend. If you can’t decide if you want to keep something or you want somewhere safe to store belongings that don’t fit in your home, find St Neots Self Storage options to suit your needs.

Make Use of Your Wall Space

When floor space is in limited supply, use your walls as an alternative solution. Keeping your items on shelves and using wall mounted lamps rather than standing ones is a good start. Mount your TV on the wall to overcome the need for a TV stand or cabinet and use that valuable floor space for something that needs it.

Don’t Forget Style

Just because your home is small doesn’t mean you can’t go big with your style. You may not be able to physically fit as much of your favorite furniture pieces into the rooms but that just means what you do choose will be highly curated and deserving of the space.

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