10 Design Trends for Small Bedrooms in 2022

design trends for bedroom

Smaller bedrooms do not mean a cramped and cluttered area. Ensure you make the most of your room stylishly and efficiently!

Top 10 Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

1. Opt for Light Coloured Walls

When designing a small room, it is ideal to choose a light colour for your walls. White is an excellent choice for tight spaces as it appears expansive and, of course, matches everything. Light colours also combat the absence of large walls and windows and provide an element of depth.

2. Add Mirrors 

Mirrors are a fantastic way to reflect light around the room. This bedroom design idea is especially great at creating the illusion of a larger space. Try placing your mirror across from your window and watch the area lighten up!

3. Don’t waste space

Efficient storage is a vital tool in maximising the space of a small bedroom. Beds with an underneath compartment are brilliant in clearing away excess clutter. You also cannot go wrong with floating shelving, eliminating the loss of floor space. If you have room for a closet, make sure to fit it with a mixture of cabinets, drawers, hanging bars and baskets. Customising your storage layout ensures that all of your needs are met. Everything will have a place and a space. 

4. Pop of Colour

If you struggle to agree on the bedroom design and decor, opt for neutral coloured walls and flooring. This way, you can add colour with accessories instead. 

5. Play with Proportions 

Even if your room is small, it is okay to have a large bed. It is, in fairness, the most essential piece of furniture. It is better to down-size on the bedside tables rather than the bed frame itself.

6. Breezy Curtains 

Fresh homes have provided a fantastic idea that if your space is short on windows, you can still have the room flowing by using breezy curtains to decorate. You can play with different colours and textures that suit your space best!

7. Bring the Outdoors In

Incorporating greenery and plants into your decor is a fantastic way to brighten up the space. It creates a much more fresh environment and calming ambience within a bedroom. Opting for a hanging plant will drag the eye upwards and create an illusion of height.

8. Legless Furniture 

Low-slung furniture or legless furniture is a brilliant option for bedrooms that air on the smaller side. It leaves more wall space above to place shelving and decor.

9. An Interesting Area Rug 

If you have chosen the neutral wall and flooring look, then a statement rug could do just the trick in pulling your room together. Often people forget to accessorise with what’s beneath them, but an eye-catching rug or carpet can be great for adding warmth to your interior design.

10. Mounted Lights

Avoiding table and floor lamps and choosing fitted or mounted lights is a great space saver. Swinging lights on either side of the bed are fantastic. They can be adjusted and work as a reading light or face them out and brighten up the whole room.

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