5 Surprising Design Tweaks for Your Living Room

Make small changes to your living room without burning a hole in your pocket. We tell you how.

Doing up your home yourself is always exciting. DIY home décor ideas flow easily when you have a clear vision for you what you want for a certain space. If you are looking for changing things around in the living room, you can contact ashleysonmain who will provide great ideas. Here are some DIY home decoration ideas to get you started.

#1 Create a focal point – use colour, objects, even a large vase will do.

Every room needs a focal point, and the living room needs it more than others because it is often the first room in the house that anybody sees. The focal point is meant to draw the eye in a wide sweep, and then back again over the entire room. It could be a large painting, or a wall painted in a dark colour. If you don’t want a major design element, you could place a large stone or brass statue in front of a bare wall, or even a large coloured vase on the floor.

#2 Remove what you don’t need.

The most important DIY home décor idea we can impart to you is to ‘edit’ the living room space. You can do this by taking photographs of your existing living room and studying them minutely. You will notice that you have too many things that you don’t need – extra cushions on the sofa that eat up seating area, two large futons when a small one will do, books and magazines lying scattered all over the place when they could be put inside a gorgeous book unit. Remove the extras and see how much space decluttering frees up for you. Now do with the extra space what you will.

#3 Add white space – this makes the living room look larger.

This is the oldest trick in DIY home décor – paint the walls white to make the space look larger. The darker the wall colour, the smaller the space appears to the human eye. So ‘free up’ space by painting the walls white or your choice of pastel. If you don’t want white walls, you could consider leaving the walls completely bare and balancing the starkness with a stunning light fixture in the centre of the room.

#4 Create symmetry – and not just with furniture placement.

Symmetry is the biggest help in DIY home decoration. It doesn’t just include placing the furniture in the same line or in even numbers, but it also speaks about visual balance. For example, if you have a large couch, you could have smaller sofa chairs to even out the furniture proportions. Or if you have a cheerful dining space in one corner, the rest of the living room could be done up in sombre hues.

#5 Use definition for dead corners.

There is always the possibility of a ‘dead’ corner in the living room, where you are likely to add a cabinet just to use the area. If you already have a cabinet in such a corner, you can liven it by adding coloured shutters, or placing a seat on the top in line with the window sill. If the corner is empty, consider placing a potted palm there. Or you can create a floor-to-ceiling book unit with open shelves and a small seat to go with it.

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