Designing a Bedroom Garden Balcony

Either it is a kitchen balcony or a bedroom balcony; you can make it a restful place with a little sense of gardening. A little effort and modifications can turn your drab area of concrete into a place where not only you will like to spend time, but other people also admire it. Designing a balcony garden doesn’t require much effort; just adjusting few items and a splash of colors can bring life to your dull balcony.

There are only few people who have a balcony leading off a bedroom at home and from those who are flowers and plants lover, this small place is the only green space from them. Balcony is usually a small area that restricts the choice of planting and arrangement of decorative species. Bedroom balcony is in fact an aromatic place of luxury and pleasure, where one can enjoy his or her time amidst of scented and colorful plants with a sense of natural scenery.

Bedroom balcony is usually not used in the way as it should be. Many people just take it as a source of having a view of the adjacent buildings and street etc. But for people with innovative minds, this is not just a drab part of the bedroom. They literally know how to transform this small piece of land into a green, colorful and scented landscaping. You will feel privileged and pampered by transforming your dull concrete land into a small garden.

Balcony is usually preferred for flower garden with no unnecessary items like cabinets, cars, bottles, trash cans and so on. Unlike formal gardens where you have to work hard with mower or trimming, or collection garden rubbish, balcony garden is quite easy to maintain. Only few pots and tubs with colorful flowers in a particular arrangement will serve the purpose for you.

The arrangement of the plants should be like large pots containing the large plants and around them the small pots are placed with small colorful species of the flowers. Window boxes in the balcony implements the colorful diversity by the flowers. It is better idea to place a chair and a table in the balcony so that in your leisure time you can enjoy the fragrance of the flowers with a cool feeling.

Even you can enjoy your warm and hot nights in your balcony under the stars with a sense of cool atmosphere around you. If you set up any overhead structure like pergola, this will make things easy for you to cover the balcony with a sort of netting, to prevent mosquito. This is sometimes necessary as plants attract other insects and flies, especially in the hot summer nights.

In the end, I would only say that the choice of plants largely depends upon certain conditions like availability of sunlight, shade etc. your choice should be based on these key factors as plants behave differently under sunny or shady conditions.

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