7 Latest Designs to Update the Look of Your Office

There are few rooms in your home more important than your office, particularly if you like to work from your house. Your office should be a place where you go to get work done. Whether you are operating out of your home office or the office downtown, you need to have an environment that is conducive to getting things done. While appearance only matters so much, it can be invigorating to have an office that represents modern design trends. Not only will a modern office inspire you to get work done, but it will also help you to facilitate that work.

If your old office is in need of an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to be discussing seven different ways you can update your office in order to prove the design of the room and the functionality of your workspace. Each of these seven concepts has been selected so as to fit just about any size or style of office. If you’re ready to dig in, let’s begin!

Update Your Office With These Simple Tips

You sit in your office every single day that you work. In some instances, like your home office, you’ll be in the room even when you AREN’T working. While there are many amazing companies that can help you to re-design your office, like veracon.com.au, you might want to have a foundation of information before calling upon them. Let’s dig right into our tips for updating the visual and functional design of your office, no matter what industry it is that you are working in.

1) Consider Installing Standing Desks – If you want to push your office straight into the modern era, you have to consider changing the fundamental way that you use your desk. Standing desks have become increasingly popular over the past decade and they are a sure sign that the owner of the office has done their research. Standing desks may seem a little ‘out there’ on first glance, but they actually provide many benefits. Standing desks are healthier for your body and they also tend to inspire more efficient activity while working.

2) Overhaul Your Flooring – The floor of your office is literally the foundation upon which everything else is built. For such an important aspect of your room, your flooring tends to get ignored. You can easily bring your office into the modern era by ripping out old carpet or nasty floors in exchange for something more elegant and sturdy. Consider high-quality laminate, wood or even tile flooring options. If you do consider changing to a hard flooring option, you’ll have to address how sound interacts in the room. If you opt for hardwood flooring, consider incorporating rugs or carpets in order to absorb some of the new sounds that are bouncing around.

3) Consider Updated Lighting – What kind of lighting do you have in your office? In traditional office environments, you’ll typically find recessed fluorescent lighting. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this style of lighting, it obviously looks outdated and it can even be detrimental to your health. Consider upgrading your lighting mechanisms to something newer and more natural. Efficient LED lights are easy to install and you can even purchase lights that incorporate the natural spectrum that we are used to when we go outside. In any event, you’ll want to make sure that your office is well-lit so as to provide a warm and elevated environment.

4) Incorporate Natural Elements – Modern office spaces need to incorporate as much of the natural world as possible, in our opinion. While you don’t have to turn your office into the Rainforest Cafe, merely bringing in a few large green plants can make all of the difference in the world. Tall green plants provide a calming environment and they even help to clean the air around you. Additionally, the act of caring for the plants will provide for a meditative experience that can help to calm your mind in between objectives.

5) Invest In Modern Artwork – We’ve all worked in an environment that had cringy artwork on the walls. Do you remember the ‘Just Hang In There’ poster of the kitten? How about all of those odd ‘Motivation’ pictures? You can make your office stand out in a big way by investing in some tasteful and modern artwork. You don’t have to buy original prints, but a nicely framed piece of artwork can pull a room together while providing you with a little bit of inspiration as you work through the day.

6) Craft An Open Floorplan – If you are looking to re-design a large office environment, this tip is applicable to you. Consider opening up your office floorplan by getting rid of unnecessary walls. Exchange rigid cubicles and superfluous walls for an open floorplan that encourages communication and collaboration. This kind of floorplan may take a little bit of getting used to, but once you are used to it you will never want to go back. Knocking out walls will require the help of a professional crew, so make sure that you don’t attempt to handle this part of the job on your own.

7) Have Your Space Professionally Cleaned – Finally, you can make your office feel like a modern environment by having it completely cleaned by a professional company. Sometimes, offices can go years in between professional and thorough cleaning sessions. A commercial cleaning company will scrub and refresh every inch of your office and in doing so they’ll give you the perfect environment to operate in. This may not be a design tip necessarily but it is something we strongly advocate doing.

As you can see, there are many ways to bring your office into the modern era. While we touched on mostly aesthetic updates, there are obviously other directions that you can go. Consider upgrading your furniture or changing the colors of your walls. The options that you have are endless, so have fun and get designing today!

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