Different Types of Air Filters You Can Find On The Market

Different Types of Air Filters

Air filters are vital in cleaning the air to remove the contaminants and pollutants. Pollutants and other allergens are serious causes of allergies and respiratory diseases. Therefore, installing air purifier and humidifier can help reduce the chances of contracting respiratory diseases

It is wise to install air filters in places characterized by air pollutants. Air filters are vital in removing solid particles that are harmful to your health such as spores, dust and mold.

There are plenty of air filters that you can find in the market, and whether you want office or residential air filters, you can always contact an experienced manufacturer to help you select the best filter for your building. You can find conventional filters in the market, and most of them are designed from paper, cotton and foam, all of which are capable of cleaning the air entering your building.

Top 3 Most Popular Air Filters in The Market

1. Paper Air Filters

Paper filters are good for different applications in homes, automobiles and offices. While paper filters are suitable for various applications, they are recommended for application in automobile engines. They are preferred in automobiles because they are effective in cleaning combustion fuels and dust that may enter the engine.

They have excellent features for removing dust and are lauded as cost effective options over other types of filters. The only downside of paper filters is that they are easily clogged in dusty settings, and this could affect the circulation of air. Nevertheless, paper filters are great when they are maintained properly.

2. Foam Filters

This filter is commonly used in automobiles. Form is known as an excellent type for trapping all dust particles. They are also good at removing bacteria, making them a good bet for most air cleaning applications. Lawnmowers prefer foam filters because they have a great air cleaning capacity.

They come with custom thickness depending on the type of application. The fact that foam filters come with the oil-wet condition makes them suitable in applications that are rife with high dust content. High dust conditions such as offroads and highways are a few applications that would demand the use of foam filters.

3. Cotton Air Filters

They are not commonly used in automobiles, especially in after sales market. However, they have a good capacity to retain dust. The only disadvantage of this type of filters is that they have a short lifespan, which is why they are used in used cars only.

When you are selecting your air filters, it is essential to know the type of application you want to use it for. Experts at companies that specialize in filtering devices will help you in selecting a filter that will deliver optimal results.

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