Different Types of Mattresses

For a comfortable sleeping experience, you require a good mattress. In case you find that your mattress is giving you some trouble, then it is time to change it. Choosing a perfect one will require some efforts on your end. Firstly, you need to research the kind of mattress you need. This article mentions few different types of mattresses that are commonly available in the market.

List of top 4 Mattress Types in the World

1. Open Spring Type of Mattress

The spring system in such types of mattresses is very common and includes a border wire that maintains the shape of the mattress. It is also known that such mattresses while very economical are among the least comfortable and also not as durable.

2. Pocket Spring Type of Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are much better in quality, since they have a comparatively superior springing system that includes separate small springs placed in pockets of fabrics. Hence, they are able to control weight properly. The only disadvantage with them is that you need to turn these mattresses regularly, so that the springs do not sag.

3. Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses are considered the best type, since memory foam takes the shape of the body. They provide full support, free movement and therefore are very comfortable. The other advantages are that memory foam mattresses are excellent for maintaining a good posture during sleep and also have anti-microbial properties. They are also available in different sizes and thickness.

4. Latex Type of mattress

Made from polymer these mattresses are known to be high on comfort level and are also very long-lasting. Hence, they prove to be a great value for the money.

Although your choice may vary, you can visit few retail stores to check the options available or even search the internet. It is best to find few websites that provide comparable rates and the names of local retailers.

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