5 Ideal Home Decoration Ideas that people will Love for this Diwali

Diwali is up, and almost everyone might have planned about the best gift ideas they should provide for their closed ones, how to decorate their home to make it unique and much more.

If you are the one who is still looking for some of the excellent ideas for making your home look unique, trendy and breathtaking on the day of Diwali, Here you go!

Diwali, celebrated all around the world is derived as the festival lights, indulges many tradition and customs to follow, the celebration starts one week before the day of Diwali. People start to light candles, diyas every day, swipes of the old mysteries and bring up new items, prepare various sweets and shop new clothes, accessories, Diwali gifts for their business partners, colleagues, neighbors, friends and family members.

One of the beautiful occasion of this Diwali is exchanging sweets, bursting colorful crackers, establishing the custom, traditions and much more. While considering the desserts, most of the person used to make them at home and few other would get it readymade from the shops and distribute to their closed and neighboring ones.

Taking Diwali Fireworks, its must you purchase crackers online Sivakasi from the reputed seller or from any original Sivakasi fireworks manufacturer to stop any accidents or major injuries. Today we will look some decorating ideas that can provide a colorful, astonishing and fantastic look to your home.


All might have known the importance of the Rangoli on the day of Diwali; they add up the charms and beauty to your home. You can design colorful rangolis along with the candles, diyas and earthern pots to provide an ideal look to your rangoli and design patterns.

The candles and diyas lightened up on the rangoli ensure you for the attractive, colorful and charismatic Diwali night, adding up captivating rangolis will bring you good compliments from your neighbors, friends and family members.

Floating Candles

Candles are the famous Diwali decoration item and preferred in every home for inviting goddess to their home. For this Diwali, Floating Candles are popular among the various candles available in the market.

While getting a floating candle, make sure you get the thick candles developed with a broad base. You need to place them in a pot or water bowl to add up the appealing look to your home. You can also put some amount of flower petal to add up more innovation and creativity, adding the rose petals will enhance the look more.


One of the captivating decoration items to welcome the people on your doorsteps, these torans will be added to most of the office and home front doors. Most of the torans are made of mango leaves or coconut; this can be done homemade too.

You can find a lot of paper and plastic torans developed using colorful paper which will add more beauty to your home on the Diwali Occasion. Avoiding plastic torans will be good as they affect the environment, you can DIY different decoration torans at your home and bring up the charm to your home.

Wall Hanging

The latest trend everyone adapts for their home during Diwali is the Wall Hangings. There are a lot of attractive hangings available in the market and available in different patterns too. You can find the wall hanging in the images of the goddess so that you can make use of it extremely.

Paper Lamp Shades

Another latest and attractive trend everyone love to have on the day of Diwali is the Paper Lampshades. This can make your home brighter, charming and lovely.

There are different varieties of lampshades available in the market at an affordable rate, and this is one of the best and optional way to install your Diwali lights. Adding this to your living room will provide a beautiful look to your home.

Wishing you all a happy, safe and healthy Diwali!

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Sivakami is the Content Analyst at Shop Crackers Online. It is a company based in Sivakasi that offers best brand fireworks for Diwali at an affordable rate.

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