5 DIY Electrical Tasks a Homeowner Can Do Himself

DIY Electrical Tasks

Having electric work at home will surely be a costly matter.

If you have a lot of money well it’s not a big problem. You can hire an electrician to do the job for you.

But what if you are saving money for some important matters?

How are you able to do some home improvement things yourself?

Here are five electrical tasks a homeowner can do himself: changing light bulbs, wiring a light switch, Installing switch outlets, wiring a receptacle, and wiring a door bell.

Changing light bulbs is as easy as it looks.

First you should turn off the switch to avoid electric grounds. Then, put the new light bulb in replace of the old one. Be sure that you put it tight.

Switch off the light to see if it works. If something wrong happens change the bulb and repeat the steps again.

Wiring a light switch is not an easy task. First, you must purchase wires that are good in quality.

Then you have to put the wire on the bulb and the switch.

Test it if the electric wire works or not by attaching it to a power source.

Installing switch outlets is not that hard for you to do. Of course, you must first buy the proper equipments for the installation.

Wiring a receptacle is also an easy job to do.

First, you should do grounding. Be sure to connect the device box ground screw and insulated ground wire together.

The wires should be long enough so as to attach to the receptacle green screw.

The black also known as “hot” wire is attached below the brass screw while the neutral wire or the white wire is attached below the plug silver screw.

There are different receptacles that cover your home so it depends upon what kind of receptacle is used.

Then, the above steps would be applied.

Lastly wiring a doorbell would complete the five electrical tasks you can do yourself. Here we mean of the standard doorbell that is used.

In order for us to repair, install, or replace a doorbell system we must understand its components first.

The power for the system comes from a voltage transformer that is usually installed on a light box in the basement or in the attic near the electrical panel. It is near for accessibility.

A transformer transforms one voltage from one value to another. It takes normal residential voltage of about 120, and transforms it down to a safer, lower voltage of usually 16 volts.

This permits you to wire the system using low voltage wire of smaller gauge and rating like 18 awg gauge wire.

Usually, the doorbell unit has two coils one at the back and the other one at the front door. It has movable cores that allow strikers to ring the chimes when a push button is activated.

Its system is wired by moving one side of the transformer to the common terminal of the doorbell unit then the other side by the push buttons at each door and then back to the one ring and two ring terminals in the unit.

Mostly, the front door is two rings and the back door is one.

In the end, those who can do a lot of practical things at home will have a better edge against people who does not know simple things.

You will not only save money but you add something important into your life.

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