Quick DIY Ideas To Update Your Home With Floral Wallpaper

diy floral wallpaper ideas

Colors have always had a profound impact on the physical and mental status of human beings. There are different connotations attached to different colors and patterns.  People have realized the importance of textures and colors lately. Many are going avant-garde with their DIY projects to give their home a new and eclectic look.

One of the most popular methods is adding floral wallpapers. It is easy to apply them. You can create different looks for your home. Not just confined to walls, you can use them in various projects. You can simply peel and stick wallpapers and paste them on your walls. Or you can use them in some unconventional ways, which can be creative. When you peel off wall paper from your room, put it to creative use.

diy floral wallpaper ideas

Few innovative yet beautiful ways to use floral wallpapers to change the look of your home are discussed below-

8 Amazing DIY Floral Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home in This Year

Floral wall hanging

Whenever someone thinks of wallpaper, they would connect it to the walls of your home. But a wallpaper’s use is not confined just to the walls. There are many other ways in which wallpaper can change the look of your home. One such method is making a floral wall hanging. The best thing is you can easily make these wall hangings at home. You need to give it a look similar to a tapestry.  You will need a canvas. Bring in any floral wallpaper of your choice. Peel and stick the wallpaper on the canvas. You would want to add a thread with which the canvas can hang on the wall. And your floral wall hanging is ready.

Floral artwork

diy floral wallpaper ideas

This again is a bit similar to the floral wall hanging. But there is a slight difference in making this floral artwork. You can take three different types of wallpapers. You have to take a wooden board. You can choose the shape of the art to be rectangular or square as per your choice.  You can select different floral designs for all three wallpapers. Stick the floral wallpaper over the wooden board. You can use a squeegee to rub the wallpaper over the board firmly. This will ensure smooth and plane adherence. Once you are ready with all three wooden boards, you can get them framed. You can put up these hangings on the wall. They will look like photo frames of artwork. 

Bohemian frame art

If you have left out rolls of wallpaper, then you can make art out of it. You will need wooden frames normally used while stitching embroidery. If you have an old fabric, you can use it too. You can stick your floral wallpaper over this piece of fabric. After this, you can put it on the wooden frame. You can use frames of different sizes. Once you are done, you can hang these frames on the wall. You can see the instant transformation of your space.

Floral furniture

The wallpapers that you like cannot only be used on walls, but also on your furniture. You can change the look of your wardrobe, door or old table completely. You will need an x-acto knife or a scissor handy to make this. 

You will need a floral wallpaper of your choice. Since there is a lot of measuring involved, you will need a measuring tape. You will begin with taking measurements. Mark the measurements properly over the wallpapers. Cut them accordingly. Then easily peel and stick the wallpaper over the table. Your floral furniture is ready.

Floral shelves

You can decorate the shelves of your cupboard with wallpapers. Floral wallpapers give an exciting twist to the old and dull shelves. You will need to take proper measurements for this.  Cut out sheets of wallpaper as per the measurements. Stick them on the background of your shelves. And see the amazing transformation happen right in front of your eyes.

Floral stairways

You can add life to your usual and dull stairways with wallpapers. it would be best if you took the measurements of the length and height of each stair. You can stick to one floral pattern wallpaper. Or you can also choose different floral patterns for different stairs. Mark the measurements on the wallpaper. And cut out the sheets to match the measurements. Once the sheets are ready, you can move ahead with sticking them. You can DIY your stairway to heaven.

Floral vases

You can take old cans or bottles and transform them into beautiful vases using wallpapers. You can take measurements of the bottle. Mark these measurements on the wallpapers. With the help of scissors, cut out the wallpapers as per the markings.  Peel the back of the wallpaper and stick it on the bottle. Your floral vase is ready. You can use different objects like boxes, watering cans and convert them into beautiful art pieces.

Attractive switchboards

Like with all other objects, you can also make your switchboards attractive. For this, you don’t need a lot of wallpaper. You can do this with scrap wallpaper. Instead of throwing out the peeled-off wallpaper, you can use the scrap. Stick it over the switchboards. This way, you can beautify your spaces without spending an extra penny.

There are so many ways in which you can use wallpaper other than sticking it on walls. Next time you peel off wallpaper, think of ways in which you can make use of them. There are so many ideas available online as well. Choose an idea that you find creative and practical. Use it to do your next DIY project. Recycling and reusing wallpaper is a smart way to make an economical home. 

These projects might be frugal, but they are no less than artifacts that one would have got from a fancy store. You can play with creativity to make unique things from wallpapers. Adding florals to your daily life decreases anxiety and agitation. In this way, you can surround yourself with floral patterns. And making these small projects yourself will also give you confidence. Directly and indirectly, impacting your personality. With these projects, you can bring more positivity to your life.

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