DIYouch! Don’t Do These Home Improvement Projects on Your Own

Don’t lie. You watched Home Improvement.

And while that 90’s sitcom ship has sailed (at least, in terms of entertainment) there are some valuable life lessons packed into those 30-minute episodes.

And that is: there are some home improvement projects that just are NOT DIY. Sure, there’s a ton you can do around the house on your own.

Need to paint the walls? Regrout your tile? Build a deck, even? Have at it.

But, as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor taught us, there are quite a few home repair projects that could leave your home in shambles or even worse, leave you in the hospital (if done incorrectly.)

Here are our top five picks for DIY home improvement projects that are better left DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself.)

Plumbing Projects

Of course, there are a number of minor plumbing issues that are perfectly fine DIY projects. A leaky faucet? Sure. A faulty toilet flusher? Totally Fine.

But if you find yourself searching the internet for multiple videos and step-by-step guides, you might be over your head. Especially if you’re going to need to buy or rent any specialized equipment.

Those are all signs to find a (trumpeting sound effect) professional plumber!

The last thing you want is to end up with a flooded basement just because you didn’t want to pay someone to help you install a new plumbing line for your dishwasher.


99.9% of electrical work should be left to a professional. Unless you’re just trying to reset your circuit breakers or simply replace a fuse, electrical work can be one of the most dangerous DIY home projects.

One wrong move or wire cut can leave you zapped. And it’s not cute like in the movies, where your face goes ashy and hair grows 5 times the size. Being electrocuted is no joke.

Even worse, you could easily start a fire with a smallest of sparks. Home improvement dangers lurk in most things related to wiring. So for your home’s sake and your sake, just hire a professional like High Ground Electric.

Tree Removal

If you are looking for best services, you can always prefer local tree experts for your projects.

Tree removal and branch maintenance are one of the more statistically dangerous acts of maintenance you can perform. Not only are they dangerous for you, but causing damage to your home or property by accident is also a huge risk.

So next time you’re considering a tree upheaval, dial in some pros to help you. Oh, and make sure they let you keep that wood! There are tons of ways to utilize that scrap wood for other DIY projects around your home.

Sanding Floors

Two words. Uneven flooring.

There are loads of good reasons to sand your floors. It prevents damage, leaves you with cleaner floor surfaces, keeps your home looking better and leaves you open to upgrade your flooring easier whenever you want (it can even keep your property value up.)

But floor sanding takes skill and lots of practice to do correctly. The last thing you want to do is end up with a sloping floor or divots all over your living room.

To learn more about all the many benefits of hiring a pro to help with your flooring check out our article on it.

Wall Removal

We’ve all seen movie scenes with a slow-motion demolition. The Sledgehammers. The goggles. The slo-mo bits of drywall and wood seeming to float through the air.

It looks super satisfying, but unless you’re 100% sure that the wall you’re demoing is not load-bearing, do not do it.

You might think you’re taking down a useless wall and end up taking out the entirety of your kitchen. Talk about opening up space…

If you do know for a fact that the wall is not load-bearing, it’s probably fine to tackle yourself. But as with most of the things on this list, better safe than sorry.

Leave Some Home Improvement Projects to the Pros

So, now you know all the pitfalls of the most dangerous DIY home projects. But, if you’re still in the DIY mood, we’ve got everything you need to know about all the doable DIY home improvement projects so visit our site.

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