Does a Screened in Patio Add Value to Your Home?

A screened-patio is a type of porch made on the exterior of a house to offer an outdoor living space. It is called screened because it is covered by window screens mostly of glass to prevent insects or any other unwanted objects from getting in. You can place furniture and other amenities such as fans, paintings, electric appliances, and flower pots in your patio to make it more attractive. A screened in porch is one of those things you might consider adding to your home for value addition. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider that.

Provision of additional space

One way in which a patio can add value to your home is by making it sizable. It increases the functional square footage and creates a living area where you can relax. Let’s say that after constructing a house, you realize there is a need to create more space. How will you do so?

The best solution is to add a screened-in patio depending on the amount of space you require. A screened-in patio not only provides a relaxing place but also offers entertainment space. It’s good to seek help from professionals if you plan to add a patio. Do not do it yourself unless you are a contractor.

Enhancing the comfort of your home

You want to live a comfortable life in your own built home. Patios can help you achieve that in various ways. It enhances your home’s livability by allowing you to enjoy an indoor environment. It can also be used to control the atmosphere, especially if the condition inside your house is intolerable. For instance, you can use the patio for more refreshing sleep when there is no electricity.

They provide an experience of the outdoor environment while you are sheltered from sunlight and other objects outside the house. If you want some privacy or some measure of intimacy during your leisure time, then screened-in patios. They can be used to make divisions of the lawns and gardens into smaller parts. Lastly, you can use the patios as an intermediary zone between the usual house rooms to the usual outdoor area.

Value addition on return on investment (ROI)

There is a way a house with a patio will be viewed when it comes to selling. Most people who have sold homes will tell you a house with a patio is expensive. Many who plan to sell their homes add patios so that they may have a high return on investment.

It is averaged that you will get a return on investment of about 84-90% on the house with a screened-in patio. However, the ROI of patios differs from one location to another. Patios in warm or mild climatic areas will have a higher ROI than those in colder places.  

Making your home outstanding in the neighborhood

If your neighbors’ houses do not have screen-in patios and yours has to be assured, you will have a very exceptional and attractive home. Your home will have a high chance of being bought compared to other houses. In case your neighbors also have patios, then it is good to consider the standards of their patios and build similar ones or higher than theirs.

If you upgrade your custom patio to fabulous standards, your buyers would no doubt be attracted. However, if you aren’t planning to sell your home, then having a screened-in patio will just make it beautiful and outstanding in the neighborhood. Who would not want their house to be the most attractive, after all? Everyone will, of course, take pride in such a home.

The Bottom Line

You may have never thought of the significance of your patio, especially its contribution to the elegance of your home. From this discussion, no doubt, you are convinced that a screened-in patio plays a very crucial role when it comes to how your home appears and has several benefits that you can enjoy.

There are so many benefits that one can enjoy from this feature, including the increased value of a home. The good thing is that it can be added in case it was not part of the initial structure. It will not cost you a lot, and even if it does, it is worth it.

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