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Dynamite DIY: 10 Money-Saving Plumbing Hacks for Your Home

Admit it: you hate it when the sink gets clogged up, or when water starts seeping out from a leaking pipe in your home, spilling on the floor and making the whole place unkempt and generally messy. These kinds of problems are not exclusive for homes—as issues pertaining to plumbing crop up anywhere (be it office, schools, event venues and whatnot) and anytime. 

These problems can be fixed when the services of professional plumbers who come around to offer solutions to the little problem for an inflated price. But what happens when these problems keep recurring over a short period of time?

As a homeowner, you’d agree that plumbing issues alone can chase off potential tenants from renting your space. As a tenant, hiring the service of plumbers every time is not the best. Which brings us to the subject matter.

More often than not, most plumbing issues that occur can be fixed by anyone. Regardless of technical know-how, there are some DIY tricks you can employ to fix those problems for good without needing to dial the services of plumbers. Let’s jump right into them. You can read more here.

Unclog the drain.

You cannot prevent a drain from clogging. Even without debris passing through them, drains can clog up by itself because of calcium deposits by the water. So, how do you fix this when it happens? You need baking soda, hot water and vinegar and some hand gloves. There are two ways to solve this issue:

Fix leaking pipes.

Constant dripping sounds as a result of leaking pipes can be very annoying. When this happens, do not be in a hurry to call plumbing service. Just follow the instructions below:

How to fix a broken showerhead.

If you notice that your showerhead is broken, you can easily fix it by trying the following steps:

How to fix low water pressure.

Are you experiencing low water pressure? This isn’t a problem to have to call on the plumbers. It is a simple problem of scale accumulation inside the spray plate. It can be resolved by following these instructions:

How to fix rust-colored or smelly water.

Did you notice that the hot water in the shower is smelly or discolored? This is usually as a result of accretion of mineral in the water heater or perhaps a node rod that has been degraded. Without making a call to a plumber, you can fix it by:

How to fix a jammed garbage disposal.

Fixing a jammed garbage disposal doesn’t require the expert intervention of plumbers. Follow these steps:

How to unclog a toilet.

If your toilet is clogged up, try out these DIY hacks:

How to retrieve an item in the toilet.

Got an item stuck inside the toilet, follow these simple steps:

How to deodorize a garbage disposal.

Have you caught a foul odor wafting around the kitchen sink? It could be as a result of rotten debris in the disposal. You can quickly fix this problem:

How to save energy bills.

What most people don’t realize is that the hotter the temperature of your water heater, the higher more energy is expended and the higher the electricity bills. The default setting for most water heaters is 140ºc which is not recommended. To save energy bills, you can reduce the threshold to 100ºc.

With these helpful DIY plumbing hacks, you not only save cash that would’ve been spent on hiring a plumber but save up energy. However, if the problem is serious, reach out to a plumbing service. Another helpful tip: do not wear what you love when trying to fix plumbing issues.

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