8 Ways to Elevate Your Bathroom’s Aesthetics


The bathroom has transformed from a purely functional space into an integral part of home design. Recent surveys show that bathroom remodels are among the top home improvement projects in the country, driven by both a desire for improved functionality and a potential increase in resale value.

If you’re situated in Kalamazoo, on average, a bathroom remodel can cost anywhere between $7,000 and $41,000. While the cost might seem high, a bathroom remodel can be valuable in the long run. Not only does it improve functionality and aesthetics, but it also helps in boosting your home’s value. This gives your home an edge if you ever decide to put it on the market. Because while average homes in Kalamazoo sell for 1% below the list price, hot homes actually sell for 3% above the list price. 

Here are some ways you can boost your bathroom’s appeal without compromising on functionality and get a good return on your investment. 

1. Shower and Bathtub Replacements

One of the most transformative changes in a bathroom renovation is updating the shower or bathtub. Over time, these fixtures can show signs of wear, from discoloration to chipping or even just looking outdated. Replacing them not only refreshes the bathroom’s look but can also enhance the bathing experience.

For those who enjoy showers, walk-in models are becoming increasingly popular. Bathtubs, on the other hand, serve as a centerpiece in many bathrooms. Freestanding tubs, in particular, have made a significant comeback. 

But, no matter what your choice is, it is important to choose experienced and licensed contractors for bathroom remodeling in Kalamazoo, as they will be better suited to meet your remodeling requirements. An experienced contractor will ensure that you get the best possible service and use high-quality materials as well. They will also help you decide on what is best for your bathroom in terms of design and size. 

2. Upgrade Your Fixtures

Changing your bathroom fixtures is one of the quickest ways to give it a fresh look. Old, rusty, or outdated faucets, showerheads, and handles can make the whole space feel dated. On the other hand, modern fixtures with sleek designs can instantly elevate the aesthetics. Popular trends involve matte black finishes and brushed gold. 

3. Enhance Storage with Stylish Cabinetry

A clutter-free bathroom always looks better. Efficient storage solutions are the key to achieving an organized and mess-free bathroom space. Cabinets, shelves, and drawers, when chosen wisely, can not only hide away the clutter but also act as design pieces. 

Floating vanities are also gaining traction. They provide a clean look and make the room appear more spacious. Open shelving is another trend that allows homeowners to display well-curated items while keeping essentials within reach. In all cases, the finish and design of the cabinetry should blend with the bathroom’s aesthetics.

4. Incorporate Natural Elements

There’s something innately calming about nature, and infusing your bathroom with natural elements can make the space feel calm. Wooden accents, whether on cabinets, shelves, or even bath trays, give warmth to the room. 

Stone tiles, especially in neutral colors, bring a touch of the outdoors inside and are both stylish and easy to maintain. Many homeowners also prefer adding potted plants to their bathrooms. Not only do they purify the air, but they also introduce a lively splash of green that contrasts beautifully with typical bathroom colors.

5. Use Ambient Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room. Ambient lighting provides a soft glow, reducing harsh shadows and creating a spa-like environment. Instead of sticking to just one overhead light, consider layered lighting. 

For instance, you can install sconces or wall lights and maybe even a dimmable switch. This way, the bathroom’s illumination can be adjusted based on the need, whether it’s a bright morning prep or a calming evening soak. Homeowners have also been leaning towards LED light strips around mirrors or under cabinets, providing both form and function.

6. Choose a Cohesive Color Palette

A well-chosen color palette can pull all elements of the bathroom together. While bright and eclectic colors have their place, when it comes to creating a relaxing environment, neutral tones like beige, grey, and soft blue often win. These hues create a nice backdrop, allowing other design elements to stand out. 

However, it doesn’t mean colors can’t be introduced. For instance, you can consider adding pops of colors with accessories or artwork, ensuring they blend well with the overall palette.

7. Invest in Quality Towels and Bath Mats

Soft, plush towels and bath mats not only elevate the tactile experience of a bathroom but also enhance its visual appeal. Investing in high-quality textiles makes a difference. They last longer, feel better against the skin, and look more luxurious. 

When shopping, it’s good to consider the weight and fiber of the towels. Cotton is a popular choice due to its absorbency and softness. As for colors, while whites and neutrals are timeless, introducing a color that complements the bathroom’s palette can add a touch of elegance.

Bath mats, apart from their practical use, can also be a design element. Choose mats that complement the room’s color and texture, ensuring safety and style go hand in hand.

8. Choose Elegant Countertop Materials

The countertop is often the first thing people notice when they walk into a bathroom. Its material and design can set the tone for the rest of the space. Marble is a classic choice that exudes luxury. It’s durable and pairs well with various design elements.

Similarly, quartz is another favored option. It offers a sleek look and comes in numerous colors and patterns. Granite remains a popular choice for those who prefer a more natural appearance. When selecting a countertop, it is important to consider its maintenance requirements and how it complements other bathroom components.


Beyond mere functionality, a bathroom stands as a testament to a homeowner’s taste and style. Homeowners want bathrooms that are not just practical but also visually pleasing. By focusing on elements like fixtures, lighting, and color palettes and by prioritizing cleanliness and smart storage, you can transform your bathroom. 

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