Office Chairs 2022: Top 5 Ergonomic WFH Office Chairs to Reduce Lower Back Pain

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When the Covid-19 pandemic struck us, little did people know that work from home was going to be the new normal. It’s been two years since the pandemic first came upon us. Some of us have adjusted to this new normal way of work. While some of us are still in a dilemma of whether to invest in a good WFH setup or not. In a typical office working environment, we sit on an ergonomic chair and use the right table.

But when we are working from home, sometimes we ignore our needs. This is because a lot of us are still expecting the WFH culture to end soon. Companies around the world have also realised that WFH is actually a boon for them. This is because they can save a significant amount of money in WFH mode rather than work from office mode. An ergonomic office chair purchased from can go a long way toward helping you both physically and mentally.

Why Ergonomic Office Chairs?

Working from home does not necessarily mean that the volume of work gets reduced, rather it’s the opposite. Since we are working from home most of our managers expect that we will always be available.

Hence the need for long work hours and the need for an ergonomic chair. You see, our bodies are not built to be seated in one position for more than an hour. Yet we stay seated in our chairs for several hours. This causes chronic back pain and other bodily ailments. This is why doctors recommend that we use an ergonomic chair for our needs so that our body stays comfortable.

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Here are some ergonomic chairs which you can buy to lower your back pain:

Top 5 Ergonomic WFH Office Chairs to Reduce Lower Back Pain

1. Herman Miller Mirra 2

Here is an awesome executive office chair, check out the office chair price to know more. Although this chair might seem a little bit expensive, once you use this, you will understand that this chair is an investment rather than an expense.

The butterfly-shaped backrest beautifully adjusts to your back design and also responds effortlessly to your bodily movements. This in turn makes your spine feel cradled and supported. So say goodbye to slumping and slouching as this is an excellent and ergonomic office chair. Also, this chair has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 159 kg.

2. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

This is a stylish chair that has a high aesthetic appeal. You will love its breathable mesh back which is helpful, especially in humid summer times. It also has exceptionally good lumbar support. The chair is also highly adjustable, for example- you can tweak the back support, headrest, armrests, height, and tilt of the chair until you get your posture right. If you are looking for a chair with excellent back support then this is for you.

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3. Herman Miller Sayl

This is a relatively affordable ergonomic chair from the house of Herman Miller. The design of this chair is inspired by the golden gate bridge and is an offbeat take on the classic Herman miller chair. It has a vented back design which is made with strands that vary in thickness and tension. It also provides an excellent balance between support and comfort and due to its vented design it also has great air circulation. You can adjust its armrests, seat height, and seat depth too.

4. Secretlab Titan Software Chair

This is an awesome gaming chair from the company Secretlab. This chair has also won several awards for its outstanding and noteworthy features. The attention to detail is especially something to admire and it also has a premium feel too when you touch it.

This chair also has excellent lumbar support which is fully adjustable too. There is a knob on the side using which you can adjust it. The foam used here is a cold-cure type which makes sure that your bum stays comfortable, especially during those long gaming sessions or tiring long office work. 

5. Humanscale Freedom

This is a chair that will automatically adjust to the shape of your body in a way that very few chairs in this price range can match. A rather smart thing about this chair is that the backrest is flexible and it tilts as we move. Meaning if we lean back then it moves along with our spine rather than putting pressure against it. It is quite amazing the way this chair supports your spine naturally without you having to make any adjustments.


Ergonomic chairs are more expensive than traditional chairs but they do offer a lot of support for your back. So rather than buying a cheap traditional chair, if you could buy an ergonomic office fitout for WFH purposes then not only will that be beneficial for your body but also your mind. You see if you work without any back pain then automatically your mind will be freshened and then your work productivity will also improve.

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