7 Essential Gears for a Memorable Camping Experience

Camping has long been one of the most enduring and adored pastimes around the world. No matter the climate or terrain, people love to camp. You don’t have to be an outdoors enthusiast to enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of unplugging from the day to day grind. Some live for the chance to revel in the beauty of nature. For some, the thought of completely disconnecting from the modern world, even if just for a day or two, may seem daunting. If you fall into the latter category or even if you don’t mind roughing it, with a little preparation and consideration of the camping gear you take along, your camping experience can be memorable.

1 Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is one of those items that may seem like an obvious need but did you know that the type of sleeping bag you choose can determine how enjoyable your camping experience will be? With the popularity of using sleeping bags for camping, backpacking, and indoor use, you’ll want to pay attention to the style which can range in differences according to insulation, size, shape, and special features.

If you are camping in warmer weather than a sleeping bag heavily insulated with down feathers may not be the best choice. If you are planning on sharing your sleeping back then opt for a double sleeping bag that has additional length. Generally, backpacking sleeping backs will be lighter.

2 Tent

You could say this single item is the icon of camping. What takes thoughts to nights over a campfire or looking up at the stars more than the image of a tent? For many, a major part of the camping experience is that of sleeping inside a tent. Unless you have a camper or plan on sleeping in your vehicle, you’ll want to invest some time choosing the best tent that suits your needs.

There are tents of all sizes and shapes available. Two of the most popular types of camping tents on the market are the dome tent and pop-up tent. Both types of tents are easy to put up, relatively spacious, and are easy to transport. Whichever tent you choose, make sure that you stake it to the ground for stability.

3 Collapsible Chairs

A large part of camping is simply sitting and enjoying the nature around you. If you’re new to camping thinking about seating may not be high on your camping checklist. If you’re an experienced camper then you understand the comfort of a campsite chair.

There are campsites that offer some seating, however, more often than not it will be up to you to bring seating. Collapsible camping chairs don’t take up much room when transporting and will provide you with a place to sit and rest. These essentials come in handy as you enjoy roasting marshmallows around the campfire, fishing, eating meals with friends, or other activities.

4 Camping Generator

If smoke bothers you or you’re not playing on using a campfire as your main power source during your trip, consider getting a camping generator. It’s not uncommon for campers to use their car battery for charging devices or powering appliances but using your car battery during camping trips may leave your battery flat. Camping generators can provide power for your appliances without the danger of exhausting your car battery. They are compact and reasonably affordable and can be used for tailgating and other outdoor activities.

Use camping generators to power electric skillets, grills, blenders, and even your mobile phone and other smart devices. There’s no need to risk your car battery if you want to listen to music during your trip. From cooking to lighting up your camp, a camping generator truly is a game changer. For a camping generator to make your camping experience memorable go to generatorplace.com.au

5 Camp Table

Needing a place to prepare your meals, play a hand of cards, or place your portable appliances? A folding camp table is an invaluable asset that can enhance your camping experience. As with seating, some campsites will provide picnic tables or benches for your use. In the event that your campsite lacks a table, a camp table can fold nicely to fit inside your vehicle for easy travel. It’s one of those essentials that can be overlooked but provides a convenience that is especially helpful when you are camping with multiple people.

6 Cookware

Food is often linked to our most fond memories, so if you want your camping trip to be memorable plan a menu of the foods you wish to prepare and don’t forget the method you’ll use to cook and serve them. Be it s’mores, BBQ, soups, smoothies, or fresh dampers, some foods prepare quite nicely over a campfire while others are easier to make in a portable appliance. Plates, cups, spoons, and forks should also be included with your cookware.

7 Portable Toilet

This last essential is the solution for those whose reason they’d rather avoid camping is the problem of the lack of a modern toilet. Getting back to nature and the lack of toilets among all the green of the outdoors can be a source of anxiety for some. No one wants to come back from their camping vacation with a rash or worse due to choosing the wrong place to do their business. A portable camping toilet is perfect for those not yet comfortable with the traditional methods. Line your camping toilet with a biodegradable bag and clean up is easy and environmentally friendly.


For the hesitant camper, these seven essentials will have you questioning why you haven’t camped sooner and for the experienced camper these essentials will simplify and enrich your camping experience. Whether it’s choosing the right sleeping bag or creating a worry-free toilet, remember these essentials for your next camping trip.

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