Faster And Easier Tips To Clean Freezer

Most of the people think cleaning a chest freezer is just taking out all the stuff inside and just let it defrost, of course, it is important to do so, but if you are willing to make your electricity bills low, then it is necessary to clean away the freezer in order to avoid dirtying unclean freezer as a result.

It is just to take nominal precaution to keep your freezer in good condition for many years.

Below given are some tips for the same:

#1 Disconnect the freezer connection:

It is known that the chest freezer works with off switch, for the safer side, it is always better to disconnect the plug in order to avoid any threats like electric shock or and harm while the freezer is going to be cleaned or defrost. Do not forget to lay down older newspapers on the floor, and if possible try to clean your freezer at a place where you will not harm your floors or any other things.

disconnect connection

#2 Take inventory while removing food:

It is for sure that you are having a bunch of frozen food which has been neglected for more than a month, and then the time is here when you can have an inspection for what all things all unwanted to you and make a space for new ones.

Check for names and dates on all the food, and destroy the food which has turned the expiry date or which has started spoiling.

Indications that your food is about to spoil;

• you can see different or some abnormal color
• you can smell an odor coming out.
• If the ice layer has started getting on the food inside the container.
• If food has crossed its notified date on the packet.

While cleaning a freezer keep all the frozen food in a container in order to prevent it from prior throwing. You can also keep those containers lined by which the cleaning procedure will become less stressful.

  • You can store frozen bacon, sausage to 2 months
  • Lefeovers, casseroles-2 to 4 months
  • Soups, stews, broths-2 months
  • Raw ground beef-4 months
  • Raw chicken-9 months
  • Cooked beef, poultry-4 months
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables-12 to 18 months

#3 To make the defrost process faster:

After everything is done as discussed, it is time to defrost the freezer, you will have to wait for many hours if you will just keep the top of the freezer open, defrosting removes all the ice which was situated around the baskets and walls. If you are in hurry, these remedies will help you;

1. You can place the hot water container with the lid on, you may need to replace it multiple times, which is totally dependent on the size of defrosting you have in your freezer.

2. Usage of a hair dryer can be done; making its setting on low heat, letting all the ice go off, make sure it is not going to hit the water coming, to avoid shock.

#4. Cleansing:

When you are finished doing all the above remedies, let the water drain off from the pipe attached. Detergent, go green, vinegar, baking soda can be used to clean the interior by taking it in a bowl with warm water and Wash the interior of the appliance to clean the remaining particles. Clean it with a towel dipped in. Baking soda can be used to avoid the smell coming out for several hours, or charcoal can be used as well. Learn more tips and tricks of Home Products at Universal Review.


#5. Exchange and identify:

After all the cleaning, now you can again keep all the frozen material in the freezer back. Store the food from bottom to top in the notified dates on it. Preserve meat together at one place, other stuff together; store all small containers that are being regularly used at the top. You may find your freezer smaller, but when you will start filling it with frozen food, you will come to know how much space it has!

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