How to Find the Right Carpet Cleaner for Your House or Your Business

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Locating a reliable and high quality carpet cleaning company for your home or business is incredibly important. By entering into business with an unsuitable company, it can lead to unnecessary extra costs, potential damage to your carpets and a great deal of stress. Therefore, there are certain factors that you ought to consider before you make your decision.

Training and Certifications

If the company has not been awarded positive reviews or the technicians are not properly trained then you cannot be sure you are going to receive the best possible service. To ensure that you are choosing the most suitable company, it is important that the commercial carpet cleaning service is certified like that of 1Clean Air Ottawa. Their company policy dictates that every member should be certified by The National Air Duct Cleaner Association standards. Different companies may hold other established certifications such as: the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.  


To guarantee that the company you choose is going to be of a high standard, it is advised that you ask about the chemicals they use – could these damage your carpets and are they safe (particularly if you have children and pets)? A good way to establish this is to question them on their methods and products to understand their processes, especially due to there being a variety of chemicals used during textile treatment as the IICRC explains. What’s more, you could also contact the carpet’s manufacturer to understand which chemicals or cleaning methods they do not recommend.


Gauging the price of a carpet cleaning service can be difficult. You probably wish to secure the best value for money however the lowest cost option is usually not always the most suitable – it is cheap for a reason. The easiest method is to first ask for an estimate. Most companies can provide you with an estimate before hiring and it is best practise to only consider businesses that offer this option. If you approach and ask several companies to acquire three or more quotes, it will be easier to then compare and decide on the best carpet cleaning service for your home and business.  

License and Insurance

An easy mistake to make when researching and choose cleaning companies is to find a service that is small, local and available. While some of these businesses are certainly valid, there are some companies that do not have the proper licensing or insurance and this can lead to complications further down the line. Therefore, you are permitted to ask for proof of insurance; companies are most likely to offer this information if you call them or send an email.

Ultimately it is important to make sure that you have a relevant list of questions drawn up before you approach various carpet cleaning companies. This way you can ensure that through your research and exploration of the market, you are settling on the best company for your home and business.

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