8 Tips to Finding the Perfect New Home

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Langley is the pride of British Columbia, Canada. Township of Langley, a district municipality and the City of Langley, an urban centre together make up the beautiful Langley. It is famous for its local shops and museums. Visit circle farm, Fort Langley National historic site, Canadian Museum of Flight, Vancouver zoo, Panzer action park, Alder Grove Heritage Society and many more tourist attractions to probe the city of Langley. It’s truly a blessing to live in this beautiful municipality of Canada. 

So, if you are looking for new homes in Langley, then we have good news for you. Finding great residences in this city is no longer a tough row to hoe. It is experiencing tremendous construction growth to accommodate us all in its heart. 

This city has now dozens of new homes, condos, townhomes and apartments for you to step. Also, easy access to popular attractions, great nightlife, safe and secure locations and high return on real estate investments make it an ideal location for your new residence. Let’s get to know the tricks to find the right home here. 

Here are some tips for finding the perfect home for you in this city 

1. Strata or freehold 

First of all, decide if you are looking for strata or a freehold before starting your search for a property. Strata properties are apartments, condos, townhomes, etc that have associations for managing the services provided there. They offer many services to their residents like gyms, swimming pools, recreational centres, retailer shops, parks etc. They are most beneficial as they are usually located in a favourable location with all the famous places located nearby. 

A freehold property on the other hand is the one which you own completely. You are the homeowner of that house and are also responsible for the maintenance of the exteriors as well as the interiors of the house. It can be quite expensive in comparison to the strata. The freehold properties provide much more freedom and privacy as you don’t need to share your plot with someone else. You can style it however you want to. 

So, before even hiring the real estate agent to begin your hunt for the right home in langley, decide whether you want to invest in strata or freehold. Check in with your family and friends, listen to their advice, evaluate what you want to do and then decide. 

2. Home inspection 

Do not hurry when buying a new home for yourself. Individuals selling the properties or floors in their property usually hide the defects in it. All this is probably to get more money from you for a flawless home. These defects could give you a headache in the future and cost you a lump sum amount. Make sure to inspect the property well before making any decision. Also, ensure that the home inspection company you have hired is licensed and well-reputed. You can ask your realtor to suggest names of the top home inspection companies in the area–their widely spread network will surely help you find the right one. 

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3. Amenities provided 

Who doesn’t want to maintain a good lifestyle? Everyone does, thus, considering amenities is crucial when searching for a home. Whether you are looking for a permanent residence or a house for rent, amenities always mark up the most important things to be looked after. The facilities provided influence the lifestyle you will have there and your convenience. Most residences offer basic amenities like gyms, pools, clubs etc. 

4. Accessibility 

The accessibility of the house from major highways, grocery stores, hospitals and schools is of paramount importance. Easy access to all such places is a necessity nowadays. Look for places that are closely associated with the top restaurants, markets, fitness clubs, boutiques, entertainment zones etc. 

5. Tourist places nearby 

Langley has many attractive places on its premises. Buying a home away from the main city is of no use. Try reserving a property that lies in proximity to the main tourist locations of Langley. 

6. Developers 

Only trusted and renowned developers can provide you with a quality home. Find properties, built by reputed developers and have everything to satisfy your needs. It will surely take you to the most unique and affordable real estate projects! 

7. Evaluate the price 

The last and most important tip for your ideal home is price evaluation. Estimate the price of your selected property before asking for its cost. Check whether your estimated price is nearby to the real cost of the property or not. Be aware that they are not charging more from you. Also, ensure that the property lies in your budget and that your emergency savings are not lost. Remember, this tip can either make or break your decision of buying that property. 

8. Compare the prices 

Also, compare the prices of the properties you find attractive before finalizing one for you. Price comparison comes with plenty of benefits. You might be able to find the best property at the best price. However, don’t get carried away with the big talks of the developers, always involved your realtor in decision making as they know the market better than you. 

Remember, this tip can either make or break your decision of buying that property. So, research, shortlist, compare prices and then decide. 

Up Short 

The township in Langley is continually growing and gearing up to attract families like yours. You would commonly find condominiums and apartments here as they make up the most affordable housing option. Willoughby is another residential area with many new houses, condos and apartments. The presence of Langley events centre gives easy access to the urban community, parks, games and so much more. 

With the modern city life and lower property rates; Langley makes up the most ideal location to invest in real estate. Properties on rent are also available at cheap and cost-effective prices. It’s thus worth buying a property in Langley.

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