How Finishing Your Basement Can Help Sell Your Home!

basement finishing to sell home

Can you imagine a Southerner who is not shocked when moving into the northeast’s housing market? The northeast is known to have a pricey housing market, and then there’s that inconsistent weather. But, not all hope is lost!

Some buyers aren’t moving to the northeast by choice, but because of job relocation, or family matters. Whatever the reason, there is probably a sense of discontentment when the buyer goes house shopping and realizes his/her money may not have even half the purchasing power it had in a previous town. Bummer.

Although a bit disgruntling, there has to be something that can help. What people don’t understand is that as long as buyers don’t want to buy, homes will not get sold! So, sellers, lose the stinginess. If you need to sell your home you have to go about it right. There is one particular home improvement that can increase your home’s desirability. It’s all about the bottom line, right? Well, you’re close.

The Logistics

Wanting to sell your home at a “good” price is not shameful at all. Waiting for the best offer on your home isn’t such a bad idea, either. But, you may run into problems if what you want for your home isn’t exactly reasonable, and if the offers coming in are considerably lower than your asking price. Maybe you should consider what buyers are saying to you.

What they offer is what they are willing to pay for your home. Now, any good negotiator knows that you should always offer a low bid and then work your way up to your limit. You may never have to pay your limit, if all goes well!

However, when the negotiations tend to stop at a particular price, what does that say to you, the seller? Maybe it is time to check out the asking price of homes in close by neighborhoods. This isn’t so that you can feel worse or better about your home, it is to see what you could add to your home to make it stand out as a ripe deal to the buyer!

If you don’t want to decrease your asking price, then you must find a way to differentiate your home from the rest of the homes for sale in your market.

What’s Beneath It All?

The bottom line isn’t the only thing influencing the sale of home, but also the condition of the bottom of your home. A basement may be just a side note in many homes, but that’s exactly why some homes are not getting sold. If your home is just like the rest of the homes in your area, and your home is also the most expensive, there must be something that makes yours worth the price. Otherwise, that sold sign will continue collecting dust.

A buyer wants to feel at home when they walk into your home. They also want something better, or at least different, from their previous home. You may not be able to meet the need of every buyer, but that is why making the practical and noticeable home improvements are the most beneficial improvements for any seller.

Finish Your Basement

So, you live in Massachusetts, and you need to sell your home. Although the market seems to be quite high, that doesn’t give any seller the liberty to bump up the price of a home. The best way to sell your home is by making the buyer think your home is a great deal. You want your home to be updated, clean, and marked at a good price.

A great way to accomplish this is by tweaking little things from attic to basement, from your mailbox to the bath tub. There are simple things you can add, change, or remove, and then there are the larger projects that really seal the deal: a finished basement.

The Process

All you need to do is contact a basement finishing contractor in your area. Be sure to find one who can waterproof your basement, or offers waterproof products such as wall paneling and flooring.

A finished basement is meant to do more than just look nice. If you tell a potential buyer that your basement has waterproof flooring, that there are other materials in the basement that are inorganic and do not promote mold growth, and can withstand water damage. How can someone think that isn’t a great deal?

By finishing your basement, and by utilizing the right products, you will not only be proud of your home, but you will also make it the highlight of the neighborhood and an easy sell. Buyers will thank you!

Samantha Walton currently works as a web content writer for home improvement sites.

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