7 Floor Decor Ideas to Revitalize Any Room

Floor plan Ideas

Do you have a room that’s blase or just a tad boring?

Maybe you appreciate the furniture arrangement and the window treatments, but does the foundation feel a little lacking when it comes to first impressions?

This design dilemma is quite common. The best way to remedy it?

By decorating and adding interest to your floors! Here are seven floor decor ideas to revitalize any room.

List of The Top 7 Floor Decor Ideas to Revitalize Any Room

1. Dress Up Vent Covers and Registers

When you have gorgeous floors, standard metal air vents and registers do them little justice. So, instead of covering up unsightly metal grates with a sofa or table, which minimizes energy efficiency, dress them up with decorative floor registers that allow them to blend into the flooring and create a more cohesive design.

With multiple styles to choose from, you can match all of your floor vent covers with your flooring. Choose a similar wood stain or finish or go for a vent or register with ornate metalwork in a Victorian or period-style that adds charm to the space.

2. Cover Outdated Tiles with Stickers

Suppose you have a kitchen or bathroom with ceramic tile or stone floors. If they appear a little outdated or in need of some sprucing up, you can quickly revitalize the space by covering the floors in adhesive stickers to change up the look or give them a Mediterranean-inspired mosaic feel.

Keep in mind that if you choose a pattern, you may not want to cover the entire kitchen floor. Otherwise, it will become overwhelming. Instead, use decals or adhesives to accent an area or create a border.

For instance, you can use a round medallion in the middle of the space or a rug-shaped rectangle in front of the kitchen island or bathroom vanity.

The best part of these adhesives is that they are temporary, allowing you to switch them up or remove them!

Not to mention, they are much more affordable than renovating and installing new tiles. Keep in mind that you may need to use a tinted grout pen to complete your mosaic or pattern.

3. Roll Out Area Rugs

rugs ideas for small room

Rolling out an area rug has to be one of the easiest ways to revitalize a room and decorate your floors. Area rugs can do so much!

They can add a pop of color, a fun pattern or just add some softness and warmth underfoot when you have classic hardwood floors or an industrial-style concrete foundation. Plus, when you choose the correct size area rug, it can help an awkward space feel more grounded, intimate or open.

A couple of tips for choosing an area rug: Make sure it offers a contrast to your floors. The last thing you want is to invest in a large rug that blends into the hardwood floors.

Consider adding rugs with a contrasting texture as well, such as something with natural sisal or woven material. A luxury faux fur rug adds texture and luxury to both rustic and modern-style homes.

4. Paint a Pattern or Motif

Another floor decor idea is to paint a pattern or motif. While this idea might not be something you’d want to do for newer flooring, it’s a great opportunity to add some charm to rougher spots, especially if you don’t want to replace them and prefer their naturally distressed look.

Whether you create a small pinstripe border or go bold with a painted checkerboard pattern, it can transform a room into something truly spectacular. Outline a border or squares with carefully measured painter’s tape, painting it with a classic white or even a bright pop of color to tie together the rest of the decor.

5. Include an Ottoman or Pouf Floor Seating

Your room might have large furniture pieces that draw the eye up, but if you want to show off your floors, make sure to incorporate shorter pieces as well, such as ottomans and pouf seating.

Bedrooms and living rooms are perfect areas for smaller seating. Even if you have a large sofa, dropping in a few ottomans, poufs and even large throw pillows offers a cozy arrangement that dresses up your floors.

Ottomans are also highly versatile, providing an open compartment for extra storage and doubling as both a table and seat. Poufs are versatile as well, but are typically smaller and give off a bohemian vibe. Scatter some large pillows around a coffee table – or even the ottoman! – to make your floors more decorative and inviting. 

6. Add Some Large Potted Plants

Large Potted Plants Ideas

When you bring plants into the home, you tend to think of vases of bouquets and small potted plants situated on the kitchen table or shelf ledge. However, your floors make an excellent foundation for larger plants such as tall fig trees, palms, yuccas and philodendrons. In turn, plants and containers offer some visual interest, too!

While plants offer greenery to any space, you can also add a touch of color or texture with the pot it sits inside. Keep your indoor palm tree or ficus in a large, glazed ceramic pot that adds a gleaming contrast and color to the floors.

If you don’t want to transplant the tree, you can always nestle its existing pot inside a woven basket, offering a natural, earthy element and texture. Just be mindful about scratching the floors, adding a felt base or a few feet to prevent damage.

7. Incorporate Floor Lamps

Floor lamps offer another easy floor decor idea to help revitalize a room. Plus, they illuminate the area! If there is a dark corner or floor feature you want to accent, place a tall floor lamp nearby, positioning the base accordingly.

Whether you choose a torchiere floor lamp to scatter light above or a tower-style floor lamp that provides shelves to showcase decor or books, it’s bound to shed some warmth and light.

Mid century modern styles such as an arc floor lamp or tripod lamps can lend a cheeky, retro-inspired touch to classic wood floors or further accentuate contemporary spaces.

When choosing where to place a floor lamp, be mindful of the outlet and cord, keeping them discreet, out of sight and out of high-traffic areas!

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