Framing Mirror On Wall Ideas For 2023

If you want to wish to decorate the wall of your new apartment, the first thing that comes to your mind must be expensive wall paintings or drawings. But, there are also inexpensive ways to decorate the wall by framing mirror. You can try to put a frame and fix the same with the help of a moulding. Also, you have the option to use picture frames or use unique framing around the mirror with the help of ribbons.

Procedure for fixing mirror on the frames

For framing the mirror, you have to select the size of the mirror and its design as well. The size of the mirror can vary and according to the size of the molding. The mirror should have straight edges either rectangle or square to give proper support to the mirror.

frames on wall

You can cut the moulding fixed with the mirror according to the size of the mirror. Set the backboard on which the mirror should be a strong piece of plywood. It should be two inches longer and wider than the actual size of the mirror. You should place the mirror on the center of the backboard or the piece of plywood. Apart from this, the moulding that you are using at the back of the mirror should be fixed with the backboard to make the support of the mirror strong enough to hold it.

After you are done fixing the back of the mirror, do not forget to attach two D-shaped rings that shall help to hang the mirror. To finish the moulding and the fixing of the mirror, rub the edges of the frame with the help of sandpaper. Until the edges are smooth, continue sanding the edges of the mirror. As optional, you can also apply some bright colored paint on the border of the frame to give it a luster or shiny look.

Using a picture frame as mirror frames

frames on wall

You can also use picture frames as mirror frames. You should check that the mirror that you use is thin enough or the frame is deep to be able to hold the mirror properly. A mirror is heavier than a picture, and therefore, the fixing should be strong enough to hold the mirror.

As mentioned earlier, you can decorate the frame of the mirror with the help ribbons. It should be slightly wider than the actual size of the frame. Apart from this, you can also use an old discarded platter and then place the mirror above it. Before placing the mirror, you should measure the perimeter of the plate such that the mirror is larger than the platter.

Framing tool belt set up

tool belt used for framing

You can use this setup that helps utensils to carry the tools used for framing mirror. This tool set is the ideal for the carpenters. You can shop for a variety of this framing tool belts online any online store. It is a kind of a belt that helps to hold the useful items under one umbrella. The leather used to manufacture the belt is of high quality to ensure strong gripping of the belt.

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