Top 10 Furniture Shops in Delhi Furniture Market for Cheap & Best Furnitures

delhi furniture market

Looking for cheap and best furniture shops in Delhi? Then you are in the right place. Read this blog to know more about list of the top 10 furniture stores in Delhi along with furniture store address, contact details, and brands etc.,

Before we get in to the list of top furniture markets in Delhi, let me tell you some tips on how to choose dining furnitures from Delhi market.

Many homeowners shy away from doing home improvement to their homes because they immediately think of difficult and dirty things like working with sheet rock or saw dust, or they think that it will cost them an arm and a leg to finish the project.

However in most cases home improvement entails much less and it’s actually quite a fun set of tasks to do.

Tips on Choosing Dining Furniture from Delhi Furniture Market

When choosing dining furniture for your home from Delhi furniture market, it often pays to use local furniture stores. A major reason for doing so is that should anything go wrong you can complain in person rather than by telephone or email when it is easier for the store to ignore you – or try to! Another valid reason is that you can view the dining furniture in the flesh so to speak, and take your time doing so to make sure you are making the right choice.

It is usually necessary to buy most of your dining room furniture at once from a reputed Delhi furniture market to make sure that the pieces properly match. Most dining tables and chairs, for example, come in matched sets. If you purchase your furniture from a well-known furniture shop in Delhi separately, even if made from the same wood with the same finish, it can sometimes be like wallpaper: purchase the same pattern at different times, and you are liable to get variations in shade.

Even the most expensive dining furniture looks wrong if the shades don’t match, so plan ahead what you need, and buy sets all at once if you can. Here are some more tips on purchasing furniture for your dining room from a best furniture market in Delhi that should enable you to avoid some of the problems that people come across when they jump right in without enough thought.

How Much Room?

The most important aspect of your choice of furniture to buy from a furniture store in Delhi for any room is that it fits the space available. That fabulous 12-foot dining table that sits twelve people or more will be no use if your dining room is only 14 feet long. You should allow at least 30 inches of space between a wall and the table (two ft at a squeeze), although if there is the possibility of wheelchair access being needed you should make those 54 inches.

Many people buy the table because it looks great, have it delivered and then find it too much of a squeeze – don’t expect the store to be too sympathetic. You know the old saying: “Act in haste, repent at leisure”.

How Many People?

How many people will you have to seat? Most dining furniture in Delhi furniture market comes with a set number of chairs, usually 4-6, but with the possibility of adding others if needed. That is usually the case if the tables are extendable, either with leaves that can be lifted, or additional sections added on.

If you have a maximum number of diners in mind, then first make sure your table can accommodate them, with or without extensions, and secondly make sure you have enough space in your dining room. Some tables extend using a screw, while others pull apart and enable you to add extra supports for the extension leaves.

Dining Table Dimension Guide

Allow 30 inches length for each diner. You could reduce that to 24 inches at a push, but only for special occasions. That would a slight squeeze if one or two diners were less than slim, but 30 inches allows comfortable dining for all and would allow for the extra room at each end between the end and side diners.

If you want to sit 12, for example, you would have one at each end, and 5 at each side. So, your table would be 36 inches wide and 12 feet long would be fine. Most tables are 30-48 inches wide, and a 12-seater would likely be around 3 feet wide. Six people could comfortably be seated at a 3 ft x 6 ft table. Check with your local furniture stores in Delhi for more information regarding the sizes. You can get the free guide from most of the furniture shops in Delhi.

These dimensions are fine for rectangular tables, but what if your table is round? Allow at least 30 inches per person as a minimum. That is because each person’s table space is triangular shaped and not rectangular. Chair height is generally standard: the height of the chairs should be around 12 inches below table height, and most tables are 30 inches high.

Other Dining Room Furniture

There is more to dining furniture than just the table and chairs, and your dining room would look fairly bare if that was all it contained – particularly a large room. China cabinets, credenzas and buffet servers are common items of dining furniture. Some of the top furniture stores in Delhi offers a beautiful Hostess credenza with three shelves and three doors and drawers.

Legacy Classic Furniture markets a fabulous dining room buffet and china hutch cabinet to match its ‘Orleans 632’ extension table set with six ladder-back chairs. There are many more available online, including the magnificent 56-inch-wide Messina Estates server by Liberty. Just keep the size of your dining room in mind, and make sure that everything you buy from the Delhi furniture market will fit.

Otherwise, the main tip is to buy what you like – you are going to live with it and likely use it most days. Dining furniture is a mix of the practical and the personal, and if you keep the above tips in mind, you are more likely to be pleased with your choice than not.

How to Choose the Right Colour of Furniture from Delhi Furniture Market

Choosing the right color of furniture from the best Delhi furniture market for any room can be largely subjective, although there are certain rules that have been developed through experience and the mistakes of others. Although each person has his or her own perception of color, most can tell when colors clash.

You know when two colors blend well with each other and when they seem discordant. That is the basis behind using contrast colors to shock – one colors stands out from the rest and you can use that to attract the eye to a feature of a room you want people drawn to. Use too many contrasts and the effect is lost.

You can use the same technique in your home, or you can match all your colors to create a harmonious feeling in your room. So which is it for you? Peace and harmony or shock and awe! Each will get many votes, and that is why it is so difficult to offer advice on home décor – 50% will think you an intelligent home designer in Delhi and the other 50% will think you an idiot!

The following advice is not intended as a definitive guide to choosing the color of furniture from Delhi furniture market, but as a guide based largely upon personal experience and what others also recommend. You might think differently, and if you do, then go with your heart. It’s your home and you who have to live with it – hence the use of the term ‘subjective’ above.

Be that as it may, here is some advice on getting the color of your furniture right from the right furniture markets in Delhi. If you agree, great! If you disagree, then equally fine!

1. Lighting is Important

Colors look different under different sources of light. Pigments and dyes absorb specific wavelengths of the incident light and reflect what’s left – that is the color you see. If two light sources are different, then the reflected light will be different. That means that a color viewed under natural light will be different when viewed under artificial light – keep that in mind, and also that different artificial lights are different in their component wavelengths

2. Use Primary Colors Sparingly

Bright red, yellow and blue should be used sparingly – you can use a primary color on one feature wall, but no more. Large areas of yellow or red tend to glare, so use them in large rooms only as highlights or to draw the eye to a specific feature.

3. Avoid Colored Lighting – But…

You can use a red light to attract the eye to another feature. Deep blue light can create an area of mystery if that area is otherwise unlit.

4. Red Likes Black

Bright red does not go well with most other colors, but it looks fabulous with black and grey. A black leather sofa and chairs will look great with a red feature wall or carpet in a small room and black wrought iron looks fabulous against a red background.

5. Contrasts Work

Aim for contrasts in color density. Pale colors throughout a room make the room look weak and insipid. A pale carpet or light wooden flooring requires strong, powerful colors in the drapes and furniture. Cream or pale upholstery and self-colored drapes look better on a heavily patterned rug than on a plain wood floor.

6. Size Matters

The size of your room is important to the color of furniture you use. A small room is best with light colors which open it out. A large room can take darker colors, browns and blacks that tend to close it in.

7. Consider the Kids and Pets

Light plain colors get dirty easily while darker patterned designs can tolerate lot before they look grubby. Keep that in mind if you have children and pets with dirty paws coming in out of the rain and mud looking for a rest.

8. Consider the Style of Furniture:

An antique French chez longue will not look good in black, bright yellow or even with too large a pattern. A brocade or fine tapestry fabric would be ideal, or a royal blue – and even red velveteen has been used and looks astounding.

Finally: consider who is using the room. If it is your child’s bedroom, do you really want to impose your preferences on your son or daughter, or should you let them decide. Remember that the color of furniture is subjective, and people see it in different ways. What one person believes to be an excellent coordination of colors could keep another awake for days with jangling nerves!

Visit some of the below mentioned furniture markets in Delhi for a wide choice of home furniture in a range of finishes and colors. If the color of furniture is important to you, then visit the most popular furniture showrooms in Delhi, India.

The Best Furniture for Home Improvement Projects in Delhi

In many cases proper home improvement entails simply rearranging the available furniture at home without having to buy many new ones. Check the nearest furniture markets for more options.

Such changes can easily be done as a weekend DIY mini project. The best is to simply start with one room instead of trying to tackle everything in one go. One of the first rooms I’d start is the living room.

Cheap Furniture Markets in Delhi
Cheap Furniture Markets in Delhi

The living room is a place that is relatively easy to change the decor for by maybe adding just a few extra furniture pieces and moving them around in the room. For example adding a new coffee table and getting rid of the old one seems like a good place to start. Also you can change the location of some already existing furniture.

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Maybe add a vase with some fresh flowers and add a nice painting on the wall. Sometimes simply removing some furniture to make the room more airy will accomplish a lot.

It is easy to give the older pieces to various charity places or sell them through craigslist or some other online or offline such places.You can also change the curtains and replace them with something more modern, fresh and appropriate to the current season.

You can go for the shoping in Delhi city for the best and cheapest furniture markets. If it’s summer, use light curtains with big floral patterns and motifs on them. For winter replace them with heavier drapes and blinds that keep the cold out and the warm inside the room.

When you do want to replace a few pieces of furniture to give your home a more modern look, you don’t even need to drive around the town for shopping.

Online Furniture Buying Guide in Delhi Furniture Market

Many people spend hours online trying to find just the right type of furniture to buy from best furniture market in Delhi for their home, never realizing that the process does not need to be difficult.

There are several tips and tricks that one can utilize to find exactly the right types of furniture, and do so relatively quickly. The key is to understand how internet search engines work, and then knowing what to look for once you get to a piece of furniture that you want.

For the example in this article, let’s say that you are looking for an RTA sleeper sofa in Delhi. (RTA stands for ready to assemble) You want a full-sized sofa that can be installed in parts because of a tight doorway that standard sofas will not fit through.

This means that you will have to consider appearance, cost, quality and size equally. You are wanting a sleeper sofa that is red in color, and that has a comfortable sleeper. Finally, you do not want to spend a fortune on it, but you know you do not want a typical, cheap RTA sleeper sofa. You want something nice.

Most people would begin searching online by typing in the phrase sleeper sofa in Delhi furniture market into Google. While certainly this is a decent starting point, it is far too broad. For example, when you type furniture markets in Delhi into Google you get back 7,33,00,000 results as of this writing.

Now, you can certainly wade through these results and eventually find something you want. What is more likely is that you will end up settling instead. You will get tired of searching and end up taking something that is kind of close, or give up altogether. That said, how can you narrow that search quickly?

The easiest way to do this is to use some simple tricks. Rather than simply putting in sleeper sofa in Delhi into the search engine, try putting in “furniture markets in Delhi” instead. This will bring back only returns that match that phrase exactly. This narrows the search to only 23,500 returns.

Still a lot huh?

Okay. Now narrow the searches even further. Look on the left-hand side of the Google search returns and you will see the term “shopping” as well. Click on that and you will reduce the number to only 300. When you add the color to the search, then you narrow it to only 30.

What you will have at this point is a nice long list of home furnitures in the color you want to browse. That is much easier than sorting through hundreds of thousands of search returns for home furniture, office furniture, living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, sleeper sofas, most of which you do not want.

At this point, you simply wade through the results that are left and find the ones that match the rest of your criteria. You can do this rather easily and quickly, as pictures will show up right beside the Google results.

Finding the right furniture from the right furniture market in Delhi is really not that difficult if you follow these simple steps. Just remember that adding quotation marks to your search returns exact results, and then add other criteria to that same search to narrow it even further.

Another tip is to use Google Image search for the same keyword “furniture market in Delhi”. You can often find what you are looking for simply by searching there.

All you need is simply check out the various online furniture markets that have many different styles available for all your rooms, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the home office.

Top 10 Furniture Shops in Delhi For Cheap and Best Furniture

1. Script – A Godrej Venture

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Script – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Script is one the cheapest furniture market in Lajpat Nagar area, Delhi. You can best varieties of home furniture here. Call them before you go for a visit.

Available Furnitures: Furniture , Wooden Furniture, Chair, Bed, Dining Table, Double Bed, Designer Furniture, TV Cabinet, Office Chair , Dealers-Godrej Interio, Designer Crockery , Cabinet , Book Case , Bedroom Furniture , Decorative, Lamp Dealers, Wine Glass , Dressing Table , Bench , Dining Chair , Cupboard, 6 Seater Dining Table, Ergonomic Chair, Dining Table Wholesalers, 4 Seater Dining Table etc.,

Address: No 56, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar 3, Delhi – 110024

Landmark: Beside Hotel Diplomat.


2. Pradhan Furniture And Trunk House

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Pradhan Furniture And Trunk House – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Sofa, Storewell, Furniture Godrej Interio, Wooden Temple, Wooden Temple Model, Home Furniture etc.,

Address: 1/4649/17A New Morden Shahdra, Main Mandoli Road, Delhi – 110032.

Landmark: Hanuman Mandir

3. Furniture Today

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Furniture Today – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Sofa, Wooden Furniture, Sofa Furniture, Wooden, Bed Dealers, Furniture, Sofa Cum Bed, Modular, Mattress, Dining Table, Modular Furniture, Table , Home Furniture, Dining Table , Chair, Designer Furniture , Home Furniture, Double Bed, Designer Furniture, Centre Table, Metal Cupboard, Leather Sofa, Bedroom Furniture, Customised, Sofa Cum Bed etc.,

Address: A-3, Sector-10, NH-24, Noida Sector 10, Noida – 201301.

Landmark: Opposite Power House


4. Decent Furniture

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Decent Furniture – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Mattress, Office Chair, Sofa, Store well, Bed, Store well Godrej Interio, Locker, Dining Table, Locker, Center Table, Digital, Locker, Electronic Locker, Ironing Board, Step Ladder, Almirah Locker, MS Trolley, Wooden Laptop Table, Wall Unit, Stainless Steel Cloth Rack, Wardrobe, TV Trolley, Office Locker etc.,

Address: A 59, Main Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110092.

Landmark: Opposite Metro Pillar Number 55


5. Md Sajid Outdoor Furniture

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Md Sajid Outdoor Furniture – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Bed, Bean Bag, Dining Table, Outdoor Furniture, Cane, Furniture, Garden Furniture, Centre Table, Wall Unit, Garden Furniture, Garden Furniture Set, Wrought Iron Garden Furniture, Furniture Chair Garden MS etc.,

Address: Mehrauli Road, Gurgaon, Gurgaon – 122002.

Landmark: Near City Court Sikanderpur

6. Furnable

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Furnable – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Wall Paper, Furniture, Modular Kitchen, Modular Kitchen, Sofa, Upvc Window, Wooden Furniture, Office Furniture, Furniture, Residence Interior Designers, Wooden Furniture, Folding Bed, Bed, Office Furniture, Interior Designers For Office, Sofa Cum Bed, Bed, Modular Furniture, Modular Office Furniture, Dining Table, Modular Furniture, Sofa Cum Bed, Table, Sofa Set, Computer Table, Home Furniture, Dining Table, Children Furniture, Double Bed etc.,

Address: J 3/60 A, J Extension, Kishan Kunj, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110092.

Landmark: Near Nagar Dairy


7. Kaushal Furniture House

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Kaushal Furniture House – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Bed, Dining Table, Table, Chair, Furniture, Centre Table, Cupboard, Centre Table, Wall Unit, Cupboard, Wardrobe, Centre Table, Dust Bin Trolley, Table, Step Stool, Table etc.,

Address: 1/1, R K Ashram Marg, Panchkuian Road, Delhi – 110001.

Landmark: Opposite Metro Pillar Number 17


8. Varun Foam and Furniture

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Varun Foam and Furniture – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Mattress, Furniture, Mattress, Sleep well, Plastic, Wooden Furniture, Sofa, Chair, Store well, Foam, Steel Store well, Plastic Chair, Plastic Chair, Steel Store well, Wooden Temple, Double Bed, Plastic Chair, Wooden Cupboard, Plastic Chair, Wooden Cupboard, Plastic Stool, Centre Table, Metal Cupboard, Dining Table Set, Designer Sofa Set, Kids Wardrobe, Designer Wooden Bed, Wooden Dressing Table etc.,

Address: Basement, HR 6, Siddharth Complex, Mehrauli Badarpur Road, Pul Prahladpur, Delhi – 110044.

Landmark: Sharma Market

9. Evok Mega Home Store Noida

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Evok Mega Home Store Noida – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Mattress, Modular Kitchen, Mattress, Wooden Furniture, Sofa, Chair, Storewell, Bed, Home Decor, Sofa Cum Bed, Storewell, Modular Office Furniture, Dining Table, Modular Kitchen, Modular Furniture, Double Bed, Modular Kitchen, Designer Furniture, Home Furniture, Imported Furniture, TV Cabinet, Wardrobe, Garden Furniture, Recliner Sofa, Single Bed, Wooden Bed etc.,

Address: D-3, Noida Sector 10, Noida – 201301.

Landmark: Near By Noida Stadium

10. Home Today Furnitures & Interiors

Cheapest Furniture Markets in Delhi
Home Today Furnitures & Interiors – Best Furniture Markets in Delhi

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Sofa, Chair, Wooden, Modular Office Furniture, Modular Furniture, Children Furniture etc.,

Address: D-58, Noida Sector 10, Noida – 201301,

Landmark: Near Noida Stadium

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How to Select the Right Furniture in Right Furniture Market in Delhi Without Spending Too Much

At the present, Delhi furniture market is extremely aggressive and choosing to buy cheap furniture may endanger you in compromising its quality. To avoid this, do investigations or explorations of markets and probably schedule an appointment with different furniture stores for you to see the kinds of furniture and for you to have several options to avoid spending or splurging too much money and then regret it afterward. Saving money is a common trait that we, consumers, have. It’s inevitable. Who can blame us? We are just looking after our investments, right?

Anyway, when buying pieces of furniture in the right furniture stores in Delhi, there are a few things that we need to consider. Initially, we have to consider the place where we want to put or to decorate the furniture that we will be buying. If it’s not spacious enough, you should select pieces of furniture that are not too big for it not to occupy a lot of space. Otherwise, moving around will be difficult.

Secondly, we have to consider the furniture’s feel, meaning we have to try it on. For instance, if we plan to buy bedroom furniture sets, we have to try them first to feel whether it is comfortable enough for our taste; we should remember that comfort has to go first before style. But this does not mean that we have to sacrifice style just to get comfort. It’s not that at all.

Another thing to consider is budget. Inexpensive or affordable furniture are just around the corner. We should do away with the thought that quality is equated with price. It’s not always that way. Practicality and keenness are two fundamentals that we have to practice.


Furniture that we will be buying from the right furniture market in Delhi should not only match our personality but it should complement the whole place as well. Select the furniture that is in perfect synchronization with the whole interior of the place – color, shape and style should be in harmony.

So in any case, whether you are using cheap furniture like discounted bedroom furniture and other inexpensive ones, they won’t matter as long as they are perfectly arranged harmoniously.

Happy furniture shopping in Delhi!

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