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Top 10 Furniture Shops in Hyderabad For Cheap and Best Furnitures

top 10 furniture shops in hyderabad
Written by Shiyamala

Looking for cheap and best furniture stores in Hyderabad?

Read this blog to know more about list of the top 10 furniture shops in Hyderabad along with address, contact details, and brands etc.,

Nowadays, a great number of people have already quit their day job to find fulltime work at home.

There are already a handful of jobs that one can avail of right in the confines of their own home.

In fact, some of them have already put up offices in one room of their house.

Renovating the room in hyderabad city seems to be quite expensive and deciding on decorating instead can be done according to their wishes.

The problem to be tackled now is how to do it on a limited budget.

Purchasing the best furniture for your home in Hyderabad

Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Dreaming of that home office where everything is in style and comfort is not hard to accomplish as long as it is properly planned.

The only hitch is what furniture to buy in Hyderabad and where to purchase it working around the financial resources.

The best color for the home office furniture that you would like to buy should be your own choice.

Since you will be the one staying most of the time in this room, it is imperative to choose the perfect color that you like.

You may choose subdued colors if you want the room to be low profile but if you want to be daring; you can also utilize strong colors.

Depending on what is the new trend or if you want to be classical, you can include your own favorites as well.

Besides, people who will be visiting your home will be directed to the living room and not to your office.

Because you get to work in your office for most times of the day, it is essential to look for office furniture considering not only comfort but also safety.

There are numerous ergonomic chairs and tables available in the furniture market today where you can choose the best product that you like.

The chair should be positioned as to enable your feet to stay flat on the floor and the desk must be at the right level for you not to bend so much while typing and doing tasks on the computer.

Foremost is to think of your health when buying cheap and best furnitures in Hyderabad pieces to reduce neck and back pains which is often the complaint of most office workers.

When the home office chair is comfortable and relaxing, you get to work with more rewards because you are more productive this way.

It is also vital to get up and take minute breaks to relax the muscles and the mind before getting back to work again.

At times when money is tight, it is more sensible to buy cheap and best furniture. There are durable pieces out there that can be bought at a low price.

Attendance to garage sales, auction or rummage sales can bring out high-quality pieces at affordable prices.

Be on the lookout in the purchase of cheap and best furniture pieces that are made of low-quality materials, easily ruined and gets worn out.

Be doubly sure that it is of good quality to be able to get your money’s worth.

Top 10 Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

1. Bantia Furniture

Bantia Furniture – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Bantia Furniture is one of the top furniture shops in hyderabad for all kind of cheap and best home and office furnitures. You can reach out to Bantia furniture shop with below details

Bantia Furniture Address: Karmanghat, Hyderabad – 500079

Landmark: Near Bairamalguda Circle, Global Hospital

Website: www.bantia.in

Available Furnitures: Home Furniture, Bed, Office Furniture, Sofa, Wooden Furniture, Chair, Cane Furniture, Sofa Set, Dining Table, Sofa Cum Bed, Cot, Table, Study Table, Steel Furniture, Wardrobe, Imported Furniture, Modular Office Furniture, Home Furniture, Restaurant Furniture,
Wooden Bed, Leather Sofa, Iron Furniture, School Furniture, Centre Table, Wall Unit

2. Ms Furniture

Ms Furniture – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Ms Funiture is another best furniture shop in Magalhat area hyderabad you should check it out for cheap and best home and office furniturus. Call them before you go to the shop.

Ms Furniture Address: Mangalhat, Hyderabad – 500006

Landmark: Mangalhat Backside

Available Furnitures: Home Furniture, Office Furnitures, Sofa, Sofa Set, King Bed etc.,

3. Srinivasa Steel Furniture Works

Srinivasa Steel Furniture Works – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Srinivasa Steel Furniture Works is a well know furniture shop in bowenpally area hyderabad for affordable furnitures. You can reach out to them with below mentioned contact details

Srinivasa Steel Furniture Works Address: Shop No 3-15, Old Bowenpally, Bowenpally, Hyderabad – 500011

Phone: 040 2775 2805

Landmark: Near Muncipality Office

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Office Furniture Dealers, Bed, Wooden Furniture, Dining Table, Steel Storewell, Steel Furniture, Modular Office Furniture, Steel Furniture, Book Case, Sideboard, Metal Cupboard, Centre Table, Computer Furniture, Wall Unit, Metal Cupboard, Steel Table, Designer Furniture, Wooden Dining Table, Book Case, Wooden Single Bed, Centre Table, Metal Furniture, Modular Office Furniture, Steel Bookcase, Computer Furniture

4. V Furniture & Interiors

V Furniture & Interiors – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

V Furniture & Interiors is one the popular furniture shops in hyderabad in Bahadurguda area. If you are looking for cheap and best home interior furnitures, then this is the right choice for you.

V Furniture & Interiors Address: 11-3-17, 50/1, Inner Ring Rd, Sai Harsa Residency, Nagolu Enclave, Bahadurguda, Telangana 500068

Landmark: Above ICICI Bank, Near Big Bazar

Phone: 099669 90929

Available Furnitures: Home Furniture, Sofa Set, Office Furniture, Sofa, Bed, Modular Kitchen, Dining Table, Pillow, Dining Table, Sofa Cum Bed, Furniture Cot, Mattress, Recliner Sofa, Cot, Mattress, Table, Designer Sofa Set, Wooden Bed, Centre Table, Double Bed, Sofa Chair, Dining Table, Sofa Set, Cot, Mattress, Wooden Dressing Table, Sofa Cum Bed, Glass Dining Table, Dining Table Set, Wall Unit, Recliner Sofa, Glass Dining Table, Designer Sofa Set, Double Bed, Storage Bed, Beaded Purse, Leather Recliner Chair, Contemporary Sofa, Wooden Dressing Table, Wooden Dining Table Set, Contemporary Sofa, Storage Bed, Theatre Recliner Chair, Oak Wood Bed, Wooden Sofa etc.,

5. Woodit Furnitures

Woodit Furnitures – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Woodit Furnitures is another top furniture shops in hyderabad in Asif Nagar for cheap and best home furnitures. You can reach them with the below address.

Woodit Furnitures Address: Plot 1, Asif Nagar, Hyderabad – 500028

Landmark: City Function Hall

Phone: NA

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Sofa Set Repair & Services, Furniture Repair & Services, Sofa, Wooden Furniture, Plastic Chair, Sofa Cum Bed, Wooden Bed, Dressing Table, Plastic Dining Table, Recliner Sofa Set, Wooden Sofa, Wooden Table, Wooden Dressing Table, Wooden Sofa Set, Designer Wooden Bed, Wooden Shoe Rack, Wooden Wall Mounted Shoe Rack, 3 Seater Wooden Sofa etc.,

6. Sri Anu Furniture Reclix

Sri Anu Furniture Reclix – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Sri Anu Furniture Reclix Address: SHOP NO 4-427/7, Central Park Main Road, Kompally, Rangareddy – 500014

Landmark: Opposite Highway 44 Restaurant

Website: www.anufurnitures.com

Phone: 09100913033

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Economy Furniture, Premium Furniture, Sofa, Locker,-Godrej, Chair, Locker, Sofa Set, Sofa Cum Bed, Dining Table, Wardrobe, Imported Furniture, Recliner, sofa, Leather Sofa, Sofa Chair, Wooden Sofa, 2 Seater Sofa, Wall Unit, L Shape Sofa, Baby Chair,-Nilkamal, Reclining Leather Sofa, Wooden Sofa Bed etc.,

7. Sri Furniture Village

Sri Furniture Village – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Sri Furniture Village Address: 1-116/1, National Highway 65, Friends Colony, Indira Nagar Colony, Miyapur, Telangana 500049

Landmark: Near Highway

Phone: 09414894259

Available Furnitures: Furniture, Mattress, Furniture, Kurlon Mattress, Sleepwell Mattress, Bed, Office Furniture, Sofa, Wooden Furniture, Sofa Set, Modular Furniture, Dining Table, Sofa Cum Bed, Wooden Furniture, Furniture Cot Double, Indian Rosewood Furniture, Office Furniture, Table, Wardrobe, Furniture Cot, Modular Office Furniture, Recliner Sofa, Modular Office Furniture, Home Furniture, Double Bed, Leather Sofa, Centre Table, Rosewood Furniture, Wooden Dining Table, Wooden Sofa Set, Wall Unit, Wooden Sofa Set

8. Sai Prasanna Furniture

Sai Prasanna Furniture – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Sai Prasanna Furniture Address: Door No.14-213&214, Mirzalguda Main Road, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad – 500047

Landmark: Beside Axis Ban

Phone: 09493667149

Available Furnitures: Home Furniture, Sofa, Sofa Set, Wooden Furniture, Dining Table, Wardrobe, Cot, Wooden Diwan Cot etc.,

9. Modern Living

Modern Living – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Modern Living Address: Shop No 7-1-24/2/D, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500016

Landmark: Beside Green Park Hotel, Greenlands

Phone: 08042784186

Website: www.modernliving.in

Available Furnitures: Home Furniture, Office Chair, Bed, Office Furniture, Furniture, Godrej Interio Furniture, Plastic Chair, Office Workstation, Office Chair, Computer Table, Dining Table Set, Dining Table, Modular Furniture, Cushion, Dining Table, TV Stand, Office Table, Work Station, Modular Office Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Moulded Furniture, Double Bed, TV Cabinet, Garden Furniture, Chair, Office Table, Orthopaedic Mattress, Office Chair, School Furniture, Designer Sofa Set, Double Bed, Sofa, Sofa Set, Dining Table Set, TV Cabinet, Dining Table, Computer Furniture, Metal Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, College Furniture, Dressing Table, Esd Workstation, Filing Cabinet, Cinema Hall Chair, Orthopaedic Mattress, Workstation Chair, Decorative Table Lamp, Canteen Chair, Designer Wardrobe, Adjustable Computer Furniture, Office Table, Leather Sofa Set, Library Furniture, Coffee Table, Leather Sofa Set, Dining Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Godrej Interio, Double Bed, Office Sofa, Glass Furniture, Office Sofa, Bed, -Zuari, Dresser Drawer, Coffee Table, Drawing Room Furniture, Plastic Chair, Heritage Orthopaedic Mattress, Fabric Work Station, Office Sofa, Wooden Computer Table, Designer Office Chair, Computer Desk, Book Case, Leather Sofa Set, Designer Office Chair etc.,

10. Sai Datta Furniture

Sai Datta Furniture – Best Furniture Shops in Hyderabad

Sai Datta Furniture Address: Plot 96, Sri Ram Nagar Colony, Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad – 500050

Landmark: Near Rs Brothers & Opposite My Homes Jewellery

Phone: 08686065352

Website: www.saidattafurnitures.com

Available Furnitures: Home Furniture, Mattress, Sleepwell Mattress, Bed, Office Furniture, Sofa, Chair, Computer Table, Sofa Set, Shoe Rack, Dining Table, Imported Furniture, Bunk Bed, Modular Office Furniture, Diwan Cot, Bedroom Furniture, Moulded Furniture, Computer Desk, Centre Table, Garden Chair, Wall Unit, Furniture Guest House, Designer Furniture, Fabric Sofa, Wooden Shoe Rack, Designer Furniture, House Of Raro, Furniture Guest House, Furniture Guest House etc.,

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