Get Rid of “Saw” Elbow Forever with This Tip!

If you are into DIY – and it’s a great way of cutting costs on household repairs and improvements – then you will know all about the pain that comes from regular use of a saw. All of that repetitive movement of the arm can lead to constant pain – and even damage – and the onset of the famous ‘saw elbow’. This is a condition that comes about when the joint is constantly put under intense pressure, and it’s one that can be very, very painful indeed.

Sawing is an essential part of DIY, or perhaps you carry out carpentry as a hobby? In either instance you will be used to sawing with a conventional saw, and they are very useful indeed. You will use all the tips such as keeping it well-oiled and making sure you put the right effort and angle into it, and all that is well and good, but your elbow still aches! That’s why we thought we’d give you a good tip that will do away with your saw elbow forever, and will also make your life a lot easier.

Put simply, if you spend a lot of time cutting wood, for whatever reason, than you will benefit greatly from a portable circular saw. Let’s talk a bit more about what a circular saw is, what it can do for you, and why you really need one!

Buying a Quality Saw

There’s an old adage that says a workman is only as good as tools, and that’s why if you are going to buy one, you need to look for a top quality circular saw to get the job done. There are many reasons why quality is important in one of these tools, and we will come to that in a moment, but first let’s have a look at how they work.

A circular saw is a simple concept: you have a portable device that includes a powerful electric motor – the power varies model to model – which, by way of gears, turns a circular saw blade. You may have seen larger, commercial versions, but these are designed for domestic use and to be used by the average DIY user. The blade is strong, durable and sharp and will cut through any wood, and the idea is that you use a lot less effort – the saw and the motor do the hard work for you!

So, there’s none of the to and from movement you need to use a normal saw, so you don’t get the pain in your arm and elbow, and it’s very easy to use and surprisingly efficient. The better the blade, and the more powerful the motor, the better performance you will get and the easier it will be. That’s the reasons you need a circular saw – so what do you look for when you are buying one? Let’s list a few things you may want to consider.

Power – you need a portable circular saw that has ample power for your usage. If you are using a saw regularly for cutting larger sizes of wood, we recommend you look for one with a motor that is 5-amp or upward, as this will give you the power you need. For less arduous hobby work, a less powerful and less expensive motor will do, but always buy the best you can afford as you would with any regular-use tool.

Size – you will find that the type of saw we are looking at has a blade of 4.5inches and larger; this gives you plenty of scope for cutting through various sizes and types of wood. You should look for one that is adjustable in its cutting height, and that also allows for angled cutting to be selected. There are so many on the market that you will be sure to find one that fits.

Safety – with all power tools comes a safety warning; these devices are safe to use if done so by competent persons following the correct instructions, and wearing the right protective clothing. Always take care when using power tools, and make sure the one you buy has a safety cut-off feature that shuts down instantly when required.

Those are the main points to look for when you choose your circular saw, and there are many more that may also have an influence on your decision – not least the cost – but remember our main advice; check them out carefully, look for quality, and buy the best you can afford within your budget.

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