Why You Should Get Your Roof Cleaned

We all love fresh green grass and in the UK we enjoy many green areas but the last place we want it to grow is on our roof. Moss on the roof is dirty and eventually ruins the roof, so you should take care of it before it gets out of control. Having your roof inspected regularly will prevent major water damage to your home.

Moss can build up over years and start to block your rain gutters causing water to overflow and pour onto the walls of your home and create dampness. This can be expensive to repair so we always recommend an annual roof inspection.

When you start to see moss patches in your garden that have fallen from the roof. That would be a sign that your roof needs to be cleaned and your gutters need to be cleared. 

There are several ways to clean roofs, including a pressure washer, roof scrapers and chemical solutions to remove moss and prevent it from growing again. Using a professional roof cleaning company will give you peace of mind. Having the right insurance and safety equipment working at a height is not one of those jobs that you can just do yourself. 

Leave the roof cleaning to the professionals. PM Window Cleaners are also professional roof cleaners in Corby and they recommend the following: Here are some steps a roof cleaning company will take. 

First and foremost, the cleaning company will examine and evaluate the roof tiles. Not every roof is the same and each roof requires a different cleaning method. It may be appropriate to first add a detergent to the roof before spraying, depending on the amount of filth and the form of roof tile (ceramic or concrete).

Next, cleaning the roof tiles. A high-pressure cleaner with a dirt blaster is used before washing the roof tiles. That will remove dirt and moss. To stop flooding under the tiles, this is achieved from top to bottom. Health and safety are vital with roof cleaning as it is a job that requires working from height and using water that can make the roof slippery.

Then, to protect the roof tiles from further moss growth. A disinfectant is sprayed onto the roof after the tiles have been washed and the moss has been removed. This product is designed to eliminate any lingering fungi or moss tracks. These marks can’t be seen by the naked eye. New mosses are kept from rising easily on the roof by using an environmentally friendly product. Always ask your roof cleaning company what equipment and chemicals they use. Premier Clean have many years of experience in roof cleaning in Corby. They would also recommend these steps to roof cleaning.

There are other ways to clean roofs without a high-pressure water system. When the moss has been scraped clean, a fungicide/moss killer can soak into the tile and, most specifically, into the tile overlaps, killing any tiny moss spores. Lichen and other organic growth on the tiles can be killed as well. Once the excess moss is removed, the roof cleaning process will take some time, but there is no damage to the tile surface. As an added advantage, this chemical kills lichen, meaning the black stains on the tiles can melt away in a few weeks.

How much can you expect to pay for roof cleaning?

Cleaning your roof is a relatively simple and quick way to improve the appearance of your home by removing mould, lichen, gravel, and other debris that has collected there. A home improvement does not need to cost the earth. Getting your roof cleaned to a high level is to get a few quotes first and check reviews on Google and their website to see what type of work they do and what area they cover. 

The cost of roof cleaning will change across the country. The size of the roof and the type of tiles will have to be taken into consideration. Therefore, always speak with a few different roof cleaning companies local to you just by search on Google ‘roof cleaner near me. Ask for a free quote and compare prices.

Just to give you a rough idea of the cost involved, You may expect to pay about £400-£500 for a small, one-man roofing firm for a detached house in London. That price could change across the country. How much time is needed? How much moss, lichen, and soil has accumulated over time. Your roof’s dimensions, other considerations, such as accessibility and the difficulties of operating up there, are also significant. If you have a professional roof cleaning company inspect your house, they should be able to give you a fair estimation of how long it would take to complete the job.

Having your roof cleaned is an important job to improve your home’s appearance and value. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and have seen the need to pay for a professional roof cleaning company to carry out this work safely.

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