How to Give Your Patio that Extra Wow Factor


Having a space outdoors that you can relax, have your morning coffee, and entertain your friends and family can improve your life for the better. The more comfortable and functional it is, the more you’ll want to spend time here. Here are some great ways you can give your patio the wow factor.

Get the flooring right

Whether you have an old patio or you’re looking at installing a new one, the flooring material you choose can have a huge impact on how the overall space feels and looks. There are almost endless options, but a popular choice that is strong, durable, and most importantly looks fantastic is pavers. They come in an array of colours, patterns, and shapes, making it easy to customise the look of your patio to complement the exterior and the rest of your home.

If you’re only going to do one thing to improve the appearance of your patio, it should be installing quality flooring such as this. Without a solid foundation, you don’t have much of a patio area. Stone pavers are a top choice in terms of aesthetics, they often have a veined pattern that is unique to that paver, not only that, but they also add warmth, comfort, and touch luxury to any space. Pavers are hard-wearing, easy to look after and simple to install. We recommend choosing a paver that’s soft underfoot and has non-slip properties for a patio area.

Have shade of some sort

In the middle of summer, it is usually too hot to sit out in the sun comfortably for an extended period and, if your patio doesn’t have any source of shade, it’s unlikely that you’ll be spending much time here amid this season. Installing a source of shade is a must and, you can make it extra special by putting in some outdoor fans. This will save having to drag out an extension cord and a portable fan or going inside to the aircon because it’s too hot to sit out in the patio area.

If you have an existing pergola or similar, and it’s still in good structural condition, instead of replacing it altogether, consider giving it a lick of paint. White paint is a good choice for this area as it can make the space feel brighter and more inviting. If building a new pergola is out of your budget, consider investing in a large, retractable umbrella at the very least. This will allow you to enjoy time out here more often.

Consider lighting in the space

Proper lighting can completely transform the look of your patio. Failing to implement this crucial element can be unsafe and encourages the night inside once the sun goes down. Instead of having standard globe lights, consider pendant lights here. They can create a statement piece and give the patio a high-end feel.

By adding some solar lighting in surrounding areas such as walkways and the garden, you can create the ultimate ambience in your backyard and set the tone for fun. Modern-day lighting comes in thousands of different styles, colours, and types and this allows you to get creative and produce something one of a kind in your backyard.

Landscaping and greenery

No patio that has the wow factor is complete without well-thought-out landscaping and greenery choices. While they may not be directly in your patio area, they can influence how the overall space looks. When deciding on your greenery and landscaping choices, it’s smart to choose plants that complement each other rather than having random types here and there.

You can use plants as privacy screening or you can simply place them in some stylish pots and position them on the patio, either way, plants are a must-have. You can get some fantastic inspiration online or at your local garden store.

Comfortable seating

It’s one thing to have a beautiful looking patio, but without somewhere comfortable to sit, it’s not going to be enjoyed as much as it could. When choosing your patio furniture, choose pieces that you could sit in comfortably for hours on end.

This allows you to have lazy lunches out in the fresh air without feeling the need to go inside because your backside is getting sore. If you have enough room, we suggest a table for dining and an outdoor lounge. Make sure your pieces tie in with each other and the colour palette of the exterior of your home, this will help you to create a magazine-worthy patio.


Outdoor entertaining with music or sport on the TV, does it get much better? To be able to host events that’ll be remembered for a long time, it’s worth investing in some quality outdoor speakers and a TV. They not only give your patio the wow factor, but it saves having to drag out cords and the TV from outside every time you have people over. With these, your house is sure to be the go-to place to party this summer.

Updating your patio can be expensive, but you don’t have to do it all at once. By getting the foundation and shade component down pat, the rest can be added as you go. If you are considering updating your patio or building a new one, contact our team here at Bonita Stone, we specialise in stunning pavers and can help you pick the perfect ones for the job.

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