How to Give Windows a Touch of Luxury

Window dressings can often be overlooked when rooms are redecorated, but as modern homes increasingly lack a fireplace, they have become the main architectural focal point of a room and as such, deserve to receive extra special treatment.

Luxurious Window Dressings

A window dressing can sometimes change the whole look of a room and often, what the window looks like, determines the rest of the room’s décor.

If the room is lucky to have large, floor to ceiling type, windows, then long drapes that fall gracefully to the ground will add a touch of elegance and sophistication. If the windows are painted a plain color, such as white, team them with a plain, but luxurious fabric, like silk. For a bolder look, hang patterned curtains made out of a heavier material.

For arched windows, hang curtains that mimic the curve of the window. With such a striking architectural detail, however, it seems a shame to cover up the arch, so try just screening off the lower half of the window to afford a degree of privacy. A sheer drape, resembling old-style café curtains, works well, but for a more elegant look, fit a Venetian or Roman blind. For an alternative that is bang on trend, consider fitting shutters, either half or full. There are plenty of websites that provide inspiration for shutters for all types of windows.

Stunning Window Dressings on a Budget

Creating a stunning window dressing does not have to cost the earth. For example, plain Roman blinds are cheap and easy to find and can be customized with just a little imagination and a needle and thread. Why not embroider a Roman blind with a monogram or customize with other pieces of fabric to create a unique pattern or design?

A roller blind can be made more substantial with the addition of a solid wooden handle to the base. It will help the blind to hang properly and can also be used as a design feature to tie in with other decorative elements in the room.

Living Room

To cut down on bulk at the side of windows and create a clean, streamlined look, try using frosted or etched film that can be applied to the inside of the windows. They are particularly good for bathroom windows, where privacy is a prime consideration, but also make the best use of the available natural light.

Have plenty of small pieces of fabric hanging around the home? Think patchwork quilt and try stitching them together to create a truly original and cheap, curtain. Attach hoops to the top and hang from a pole.

Practically any piece of large fabric from around the home can be turned into a curtain. A pretty tablecloth, especially if it is vintage, will make a lovely drape, whilst thin blankets or throws can also be turned into unusual curtains.

The key to choosing any window dressing is to ensure that it fits in with the function and look of the room. Unfussy rooms need unfussy window dressings, so are perfect for blinds and shutters, whilst ornate rooms look best with opulent drapes.

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