Green Kitchen Cabinets A Fresh and Lively Solution For Any Home

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What comes to your mind immediately after you hear the color green? Nature? Growth? Freshness? You are right. Those are just some of the things that green symbolizes. To add to that, green also symbolizes harmony and balance, progress, wealth, prosperity, health, and freshness. These positive emotional effects that come with it, are what increases its popularity among homeowners. To add life to the ‘heart of your home’, green kitchen cabinets are exactly what your kitchen deserves.

Not so long ago, green kitchen cabinets have become the new white for adventurous homeowners looking to update their kitchen’s design. Just like any other color, green comes in different shades. From sage green cabinets which have been trending for a while to bold emerald hues.

In this article, you will get to understand the reasons behind the rising popularity of green kitchen cabinets, as well as tips on how to incorporate them into your own kitchen design. 

Why do people choose green kitchen cabinets?

The reasons why people are opting for green cabinetry go beyond just aesthetics. Below are just some of them. Keep reading to know more.

They are unique and stylish

Green kitchen cabinets provide a rare and stylish look that extinguishes your kitchen from others. They will definitely catch anyone’s eye who comes into your kitchen.

They are versatile

Due to the various shades that green has, there’s absolutely no chance that you’ll fail to get that which matches your desirable theme and design. From lime greens to bold emerald shades and everything in between.

In general, their versatility ensures there is a wide range of looks for everyone’s kitchen. From the calming and soothing atmosphere to the bold and dramatic environment.

They are natural and calming

Green as a color symbolizes nature. Therefore, having green kitchen cabinets means bringing air, life, and freshness to your kitchen. This is most certainly true when paired with other natural materials like wood.

They increase the home value

As much as renovating your kitchen space has a huge impact on the resale value, green kitchen cabinets are a smart investment to add to that. The versatility, uniqueness, and sense of luxury help increase the perceived value of the home.

They symbolize wealth

In most cultures, green has been historically associated with money, wealth, and prosperity.

Come to think of it, the US dollar which is one of the strongest currencies in the world is in green. In association with money, it also gives the idea of luxury, elegance, and exclusivity.

They are easy to clean

Green is a forgiving color. It doesn’t show dirt easily. It can hide minor scratches which makes green kitchen cabinets the best option for busy kitchens. It saves you time to do other things since you won’t have to be cleaning every time you cook.

How can you make your green kitchen cabinets look even better?

There are so many ways to make your green cabinetry look better depending on whichever look you’d want to achieve. Below are a few ideas.

Maintain and clean them

This is a very important factor to consider when looking to make your cabinetry look better. In as much as it does not show dirt, it’s not fair to not clean them at all. It might not need frequent cleaning, just once in a while.

Adjust the kitchen lighting

The right lighting makes a huge difference in how your green cabinetry will look. If your kitchen space feels darker, try either changing your bulbs or adding more lighting fixtures.

Add contrasting colors

For your green kitchen cabinets to pop, you’ll need to add contrasting colors to the space. Provided that there is a wide variety of green, there is no restriction whatsoever on which colors exactly to choose. As long as they match. It can be the ceiling, backsplash, and flooring tiles among others.

Change the hardware

This is also another way of enhancing the beauty of your green kitchen cabinets. Updating their knobs and pulls will most definitely give your cabinets a new fresh look that complements the green color.

Consider using metal hardware like stainless steel or something that adds a personal touch to the cabinets, like glass knobs.

Use plants

Putting plants in your kitchen can be a great way to complement your green kitchen cabinets. This will make your kitchen livelier. Imagine having potted herbs on your kitchen windowsill, providing a sense of nature and natural beauty indoors.

Or just imagine, watering and watching them grow daily, with their soothing fragrance of fresh herbs. It can be both rewarding and satisfying, providing a sense of purpose.

Create more kitchen space

Consider open shelving for your floating cabinets. This makes your kitchen feel more open. It also gives you the privilege of displaying your colorful and decorative utensils and objects that complement your cabinetry.

What to consider before purchasing

Before purchasing the green kitchen cabinets you’ll need to do some thorough research on the following;


All the green shades of cabinets have different ways of cleaning them. You cannot clean the lighter shade-ones the same way you clean the ones with darker shades. The lighter ones obviously need to be cleaned as much as possible contrary to the darker ones.

If you are a very busy person or don’t appreciate extra chores, it’s better to go for the darker ones. However, if you don’t mind extra work, you can go for the lighter ones.


The cost of green cabinetry may vary widely on the account of material, design, and manufacturer. Set a budget and get yourself the ones that fit your already set budget. While at it, make sure they meet your style and quality requirements.


Consider the colors of the elements in your kitchen space. The backsplash, flooring, appliances, ceiling, and countertops. It is best to ensure they complement each other rather than clash with them. In this case, choose the right green shade.


If you need a versatile and luxurious look for your kitchen, green cabinetry is what you are looking for.

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