How to Guard Your Home from Security Thefts

The home is a place where one should feel secure and protected. To be able to achieve this, home security should always be on top priority. Residential owners should think of various ways to improve the safety of the home and the family. These safety measures and precautions will discourage criminals from targeting the unit. Read on to find some of the most helpful ways to guard and protect the home from being the next easy target of theft.

Home security system

Installing a home security system is a must for all home owners. Several kinds of security systems are available and can be used depending on the desired features, monitoring package, and budget. One can consider installing an alarm system that would deter the thieves with noise. Hidden cameras can also be used to monitor activities inside and outside the home. A more advanced system that will automatically call the police for help and assistance can also be used. Prices for these security systems may range from $100 up to $1200. Additional monitoring fees will also start in $30 to $40 per month depending on the package. If on a tight budget, one can opt to install a prominently displayed alarm or hidden camera sign. This will discourage burglars even if there is really no system installed.

Proper outside lighting

A properly and well-lighted home exterior is a major factor in home security. The lights will serve as good preventions that will keep the thieves away. It is important that these lights can illuminate all exterior doors. This will allow one to immediately recognize anyone at the door.  Motion detectors can also be installed. Timers for interior lightings can also be placed and used to stimulate presence even no one is at home. A piece of advice, stay alert as the home invaders are knowledgeable in disabling exterior lights.

Strong exterior doors

Exterior doors should be made from durable materials such as wood or metal. This will increase protection against break-ins. Secure the doors with proper and sturdy locks. Be sure to schedule an inspection of exterior doors at least once a year to guarantee home security. Check the hinges, strike plate, and knobs. Call assistance from locksmith if any observations are not within the standards. Ensure that the door perfectly fits on the jamb and that no cracks are observed. Damaged doors should be immediately repaired or replaced. Remember to lock doors at all times.

Locks for pet doors

The pet doors may be a point of entry for thieves. The motion sensors security system can be installed. Most of these sensors are pet safe and come in different range depending on the needs of home owners.  One can also install a locking mechanism in the pet door. However, this can be easily removed by simple kicking.

Block windows for the basement or locked window well covers

Basement windows can also be an easy access to thieves inside the home. It is important to block these windows or even lock or latch them up at all times to avoid the open invitation to criminals. Proper maintenance of the windows should also be practiced by scheduling inspection of both the interior and exterior parts. Repair loose, damaged, and missing glazing. Broken glass and parts should be immediately replaced.

With the increasing number of residential burglaries happening, one should become more aware and cautious. Home owners should do necessary measures to avoid becoming easy targets. Numerous helpful tips are available for one to use and follow. Always remember that the safety of the family and the home should always be on top of the list.

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