A Go-to Guide for Selecting Kitchen Faucets in 2022

Kitchen Faucets

There is no reason to delay when you see signs that tell you it’s time to go for an immediate kitchen renovation. The kitchen sink may be begging for a new faucet. You may discover the perfect beauty for your kitchen when you explore a nearby kitchen showroom. It is that easy. However, selecting the one that goes with the kitchen layout and fits your budget is a time-taking and strenuous task. Hence, you must be sure of several areas before purchasing the kitchen faucet. 

Since kitchen faucets have to withstand wear and tear, you have to select an option that looks great, durable, safe, and convenient. Price is a decent measure of quality. However, you cannot say that it is the best measure. If you want to determine the best option for your kitchen, you have to look at some options. For making a wise decision, you must have a comprehensive understanding of how the faucets work.

For ensuring water conservation, you must go for high-quality faucets, which can save as much as 2.5 gallons of water per minute. When you have a decent valve, the water temperature does not change when adjusting from hot to cold. In addition to this, for preventing burns, a temperature limit or scaled guard feature is provided by various makers for the single faucet.

You may adjust the water temperature and bring ease into the work with these. Another feature that tells you that a tap is right for you is its durability. The warranty of faucets vary, and therefore you have to be cautious of these areas when selecting one. 

Numerous styles of kitchen faucets

There are three basic kitchen faucets you will encounter in the market. Single handle faucets are the most common option for kitchens because you have to operate the faucet with one hand and hold the utensil. Single handle faucets are also known as a center set, and it helps you control cold and hot with the help of a knob or lever, which is the part of the spout. Another viable option for a kitchen faucet is the two-handle faucets. Although these are very common for the bathroom, some kitchens feature this style. It is in this style that works well since the spout gets combined in a single unit. 

pull down kitchen faucet

The third common category that homeowners may look into is the common faucet. It has cold water and a hot water valve, and the spout is mounted separately. These are not a standard option in the Kitchen, but in present days, most homeowners are taking interest in this alternative. Now coming to the countertop: if you are interested in a hot water spout, sprayer, soap dispenser, and the like, you have to get a sink which accommodates all these.

Kitchen sinks usually have holes or a single area for the single handle faucet. In the current condition, having an opportunity that combines different valves where cold and hot are mixed and delivered by a single spout is a viable alternative. Before you purchase the first set, it’s essential to understand the hole configuration of the countertop before you drill the space for the faucet. It all depends on the professional you hire. They will decide on the overall layout and the proper placement of the faucet. 

Which faucet finish and material will be best? 

Faucets are available in diverse materials, but typically come from brass. Available in different finishes, you have faucets with powder coating and gold plating. Some faucets have parts fabricated, such as the machine stamped and pressed once. Some faucets get cast in a mold that is the best option you will see in the market. You may opt for reliable kitchen faucet brands to get the best chance at a reasonable rate. 

Since brass has lead, zinc, and copper, these faucets may lead to health risks. To minimize this problem, faucet manufacturers do not use more than 8% lead in the brass faucet. They are working on various techniques for further reducing the amount in the brass faucet. 

More so, kitchen faucets are available in different colors like red, black, white, and grey. The typical faucet finish includes brushed and polished chrome. You also have satin, high-gloss, antique brass, powder-coated, and gold plated options. 

Some companies combine color to give the body a single color and contrast it with the background. Powder-coated paint is electrostatically applied and then baked. It provides a durable finish that stands the test of time and gives your kitchen faucet a timeless appeal. The brass faucet is nickel-plated at first, and then a layer of brass is applied. The factory-applied coat will conserve the polishing and cleaning if you select a high gloss finish. On the other hand, Chrome faucets come with a nickel-plated finish which is another common option, easy to clean. 

You may purchase a brass faucet resistant to dirt and dust and retain the shine for a long time. Go for the high-quality ones because they have a magnificent finish coming from recent technology. Most companies provide better finishes when you opt for their high-priced model. They have special finish procedures and techniques to give the faucet a brand new appearance. 

Discuss kitchen layout 

When working with professionals, try to communicate what type of layout you want and your budget. Professionals have experience in this field; they know how to modify a kitchen space. Moreover, you have to understand the best option to go with the room and create an illusion of a large area.

It is always better to function with experts known for their professionalism and efficiency. Try to grab recommendations from friends and family members. You can take advantage of the Internet to get a list of locally available contractors. It would help if you had a handy guide to renovate your kitchen to not fail here. Kitchen renovation is quite expensive, so you need to be sure before initiating the project. Do not launch the project without taking serious considerations. 

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