Guide to Choosing Vinyl Flooring As The Best Option For You

The benefits are endless when you choose vinyl flooring. This is why you now want to have it as your best option. You want to buy it already. You just don’t have an idea of where to begin.

Know that choosing vinyl flooring is never easy as it concerns your home. There are many choices to find on the market. It can be difficult to narrow down the options available. But, always settle with the right decision as it involves your project.

The good thing is that choosing vinyl flooring as the best option is not anymore a difficult thing to do. Below is an effective guide to help you out with it.

Type of Room and Traffic

The very first step to think about is the type of room. Will you install vinyl flooring in the moisture-prone or basement area? Will you use it in your business like the restaurant, boutique, and café? If yes, vinyl flooring seems an ideal option. Install it below the grading room. It is also one-hundred percent moisture-proof. The good thing is that you won’t worry about the water on your shoes, the spills, and the damages. It is indeed a good solution to choose for your room.

Secondly, consider the foot traffic received by an area or a room. If you will install vinyl in the area having such heavy foot traffic, one should have a higher wear layer like twelve or twenty mils. If you will install vinyl flooring in the space or in the guest room receiving just minimal traffic, the thickness and the wear layer won’t be much of an issue.

For commercial applications and high traffic areas, choose for a thicker plank. It is relatively a more stable option like the SPC or WPC core vinyl. The latter is engineered through its core to hold up to high traffic, temperature fluctuations, and dents. The planks are just less susceptible to damage and movement.

The Feel Wanted for the Flooring

Comfort has also been an essential factor to think about when investing in a family, home, or business. In regard to the vinyl, there are things to be concerned about when it concerns the softness or comfort of your vinyl flooring.


Vinyl’s thickness is one-factor adding much softness under your foot. With a thicker form of vinyl, it gives you a more comfortable and softer feel above the subfloor. Such thinner vinyl installed on top of the subfloor will provide you the same feel as walking on the subfloor.


When you want for click lock planks that measure four-millimeter or even more, the vinyl underlayment is indeed a good option. So far, there are vinyl floors that feature such underlayment. Add this underlayment right below the vinyl. This creates a huge impact in that softness felt by your foot. This is true if you will install right over the concrete subfloor. When you like vinyl featuring an attached underlayment, you won’t worry about having underlayment separately.


How the floor feels right below your foot is determined by the subfloor. If you will install vinyl flooring above the concrete subfloor, you’ll have such a hard surface right below the floor. The thin vinyl will make you feel as if you’ll step on a hard surface. Once you install vinyl on the wood subfloor, you’ll experience a softer start considering the installation. Thus, this will feel hard and solid. It is good that it won’t feel that blunt as the concrete subfloor will.

Décor and Style Goals

Vinyl flooring is found in different decors. It will now depend on your specific style. Find different vinyl floors in stone, wood, cement, and chic looks. The advancement in surface technology brings about vinyl choices in different but beautiful textures. This is when they mimic hardwoods and real tile. The vinyl plank type of flooring is also found in huge planks, conventional plank widths, and multi-plank designs. The square edges or beveled edges can also be found to add to the style. In any style you choose, you’ll be impressed by vinyl flooring transforming your business or home.

So, what else are you waiting for? Feel free to choose for vinyl flooring material!

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