Guide to Leathered Stone Countertops

Leathered Stone Countertops

Have you bought a new house? Or just wish to enhance your existing accommodation? While redecorating your house, the kitchen is the most important corner. It is a corner where we cook food and make memories, so it should be designed with utter dedication.

However, there are extensive ways to enhance your kitchen with various materials, such as beautiful finishings for kitchen countertops and cabinets.

In 2022, the leathered stone countertops have turned out to be the hottest trend. In fact, they provide a solid surface for your everyday chores and a solid look to your kitchen. Of course, it all depends upon your kitchen’s interior and color scheme, but the most popular finishes include – gloss, wooden, matte, and leathered.

Surprisingly, leathered stone countertops have been popular for decades due to their appealing look and solid durability.

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Types of finishes that are suitable for stones

When choosing a suitable stone and finish for your countertop, you should briefly know your options to make informed decisions accordingly.

1. Gloss/polished finish

The shine of glass or polished stone finish is adored by many. At the same time, it projects a high-class look to your kitchen. So, if you wish to have a contemporary kitchen or bathroom, having a shiny, reflective, and smooth countertop has become popular. 

Why? Because polishing any stone brings out the natural color and richness of the stone. Also, it enhances the material’s natural beauty with a highly reflective mirror-like surface.

2. Matte/honed finish

Matte finish is also referred to as honed finish. And it has become one of the trendiest countertop finishes in recent years. These stone countertops give a satin feel to your fingers. However, this finish is non-reflective as it does not have a shiny outlook, but it redistributes the natural light around your kitchen.

And the major advantage of a matte finish is that scratches are not easily visible compared to shiny countertops.

3. Flamed finish

Usually, a flamed finish is created by exposing the stone to extreme heat. The excessive heat temperature bursts the stone and changes its basic color, which results in a rough texture with a faded and more natural appearance. For example, the colors and texture will be similar to charcoal or tan.

So, if you have an outdoor kitchen, a flamed finish countertop is an excellent option for you. The fact is, the flamed finish works really well with almost every color and design theme. Also, it offers you a kitchen with timeless beauty which you can cherish for years.

4. Leathered finish

It’s the newest countertop finish, which brings out the natural characteristics of your stone. This rough look is created with an abrasive diamond brush. And depending upon the minerals, it will create several layers of shine or matte appearance. However, this brushed finish does not reflect any light but provides a rustic and natural look to the leathered stone.

This type of finish looks more luxurious and sophisticated. As a matter of fact, leathered finish helps maintain the natural stone’s real color. But always remember, use a soft, microfiber cloth to clean it.

Leathered finished counters offer much more stain resistance than other kitchen countertop finishings. In addition, this leathered stone finish hides water spots, fingerprints, and food stains.

Benefits of leathered finish countertops

Leather finish is the newest in the market, but it has a lot to offer the homeowners. Interestingly, the leathering process has major advantages. Such as it seals the pores, flaws, or smudges. It is perfect for busy areas around any home and outdoor kitchen setups.

Providing consistent look for years

Leathered stone countertops are solid in appearance and do not get damaged easily.

So, if you have an older, boring kitchen and wish to revamp it, then a leathered stone countertop is perfect for you. Also, you can achieve rustic appeal in your kitchen. The leathering process also seals pores, flaws, or smudges, which is perfect for busy areas and outdoor kitchen setups.

Reflect a more natural look

Another reason to consider leathered stone countertops is – they offer the counter a natural look. At the same time, it will add more class and charm to your countertops that are otherwise overlooked. Whether you have white cabinets or wooden ones, leathered finish counters will look best with everything!

Enhance the outlook of granite stone

The leather finish will enhance the natural texture of granite. It looks like a breathtaking part of nature settled into the kitchen. And if you wish to go a little overboard, you can add the individual textural elements to your countertop stone. It will serve as a unique centerpiece in the kitchen and feel super luxurious at the most affordable price.

Suitable with almost any color of quartz and granite

Usually, darker shades go under the lathering process because they bring out the natural colors of stone while preventing glossy sheen. This stone does not require more sandblasting during the preparation; it still looks elegant and polished. However, if done professionally, it will enhance the appearance of lighter-colored stones as well.

Naturally stain-resistant

The leather finishing process helps close natural stone pores, making it durable, less susceptible to stains, and low maintenance. In addition, you will witness minimum smudges and fingerprints on the leathered stone countertops, especially the dark-colored products.


Hopefully, this post on leather-finished counters was informative for you to make an informed decision. As leathered stone countertops can benefit your kitchen, they end up providing the best value for your money. Leathered finished kitchen countertops provide better functionality than other finishings.

Still confused about which finish to choose for your countertop? Keep in mind that different types of countertop finishes come with their own pros and cons.

So, the final selection will completely depend on your key requirements, personal taste, and existing theme.

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