Helpful Guide To Buying A Home Security Camera

Home security cameras provide a way for you to always know what is going on in your home. Whether you live in a mansion or a small flat, a home security camera can ensure that your home is safe. There are different wireless IP (Internet Protocol) cameras and CCTV cameras that can be used to keep watch for intruders, check in on a baby sleeping at home, warn you when someone is at your door, and anything in between. There are many considerations to think of when choosing one, depending on your situation and what you need it for.


Resolution relates to the quality of image that your camera will provide. No matter how casual your interest in security is,you would want good image quality. If it catches an intruder in action, you will want to be able to identify the intruder easily. Most wireless cameras record in 720p resolution, which is usually clear enough to make out a face, although some can provide resolutions of 1080p. If you take your security very seriously,you may want a wired camera, which will give the best image quality but will require professional installation.

Night vision is also very important. It allows your camera to take footage in darkness or low light, which is likely the majority of the time you won’t be home, or sound asleep. Night vision depends on the distance from the camera; a camera with better night vision will be clearer from further away.


Your camera needs to do something with the footage it takes. Some will store it on a memory card in the camera, whereas others can send it to the cloud. Cloud storage tends to be more secure than internal storage. However, you will have to pay for it. Some cameras offer some cloud storage for free, but it is usually not very much, and subscriptions to more storage space can cost a lot. In some cases, you can use cloud storage you already own, like Dropbox. Memory card storage doesn’t require a subscription to be paid, and can have a lot of memory space. However, storing it on a memory card pose the risk of losing all the footage if your camera is stolen.

Motion Sensing

Motion detecting cameras can be set to take photos or short bursts of video whenever they sense movement in front of the camera. The camera will then notify you via an application on your smart phone so that you can open a live stream and see what is going on. It can also be helpful to get a camera that you can schedule to turn motion sensing on and off at certain times, so you will only get alerts when you know you are out.

Other Points

There are many other things to consider when choosing the best camera for you:

  • Audio Recording – One or two-way audio communication?
  • Wires– wireless uses Wi-Fi but still has a power cable, wire-free means no wires but think about battery life.
  • Movement– Can it pan,tilt or zoom?
  • Network– Does it work over Wi-Fi, ethernet or both?
  • Smart Hub – Some cameras are compatible with home smart hubs which can be very handy.

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  • I’ve been planning to install a security camera at home. Thanks so much for this helpful guide!

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