Helpful Steps on How to Use a Deep Fryer

A deep fryer is a kitchen appliance which is popularly used to deep fry foods. This kitchen utensil is very important as it helps to heat cooking oils or fat so that foods can be completely covered in hot oil to be fry cooked. In most instances, they are referred to as a frier, fryolator or deep fat fryer. There are different types of deep fryers which are categorized according to the type or volume of work they do, features, size and their make or model. There are household models and commercial deep fryers which are used in big restaurants, commercial kitchens, and hotels. The commercial deep fryers are also divided into electric commercial deep fryers, specialty commercial deep fryers and gas commercial deep fryers.

With the changing technology in the food industry, many people are opting to use deep fryers at their homes regularly. They are slowly becoming a kitchen necessity. Home fryers are smaller in size and have smaller oil capacity chambers. They are built to fry small amounts of food for a small group of people where they best suit a family unit. On the other hand, commercial fryers contain large capacity oil chambers for frying large amounts of food.

Features of a Deep Fryer

A deep fryer consists of a deep walled pot which is made from cast iron and black steel or stainless steel. This is the most important feature as it will ensure the fryers do not rust and the pot cannot be easily affected by high temperatures. The fryers feature a basket which helps in raising food clear of the oil when cooking is finished.

Other features include a timer with an audible alarm, an automatic device which raises and lowers the basket into the oil, ventilation system to regulate frying odors, oil filters which are important in extending the usable life of the frying oil and electronic or mechanical temperature controls. Smaller deep fryers have lids while the commercial units comprise of open tops. The electric fryers have appliances like sockets and regulators.

The Process of Using a Deep Fryer

Deep fryers may sometimes prove to be a little difficult to use if the right procedure is not followed. It is important to consider following the procedure to the latter in order to get the best results. Regardless of the type of food you prepare, the technique may at times be haltered but there is a process to follow which will deliver the best results. The following is a standard procedure on how to use a deep fryer:

– Poor your favorite oil or fat to the deep fryer and be careful not to overfill or underfill. A variety of units has a maximum and minimum fill line to guide you on the amount of oil to use.

– Turn on the fryer by flicking the switch to the on position and make sure the temperature of the oil is at the right level. It is always recommended to deep fry at about 350 and 380 degrees F.

– Before pouring food to the fryer, ensure they are dry and free from water because hot oil and water may cause havoc in the kitchen.

– Lower the food slowly into the fryer and ensure the entire bit of food is fully submerged in the oil. Some foods may need to be turned while cooking.

– It is recommended to wait when cooking foods that need a few minutes to be ready.

– When fully cooked, remove the food from the oil and allow all excess oils to drip and leave the food for a while to dry.

– Food is now ready to eat.

It is highly recommended to cover the fryer with a lid if it has one and have a fire extinguisher close in case anything happens for safety purposes.

Benefits of Using a Deep Fryer

Using a deep fryer comes with a variety of benefits which include:

– Food cooked with a deep fryer always tastes better than those prepared using other methods.

– Foods come out tender and yummy even if they are overcooked. Foods cooked in a dryer will retain moisture at all time and always remain tender.

– It is quick and fast to use.

– They are oil economical and use 50% less oil than other methods.

– Cooks clean and healthy foods free from any contamination.

– Doesn’t produce smoke and therefore doesn’t stink the house.

– They are safe and secure to use.

Deep fryers have proved to be an essential appliance in the kitchen which is of great importance. It is advisable to choose the best and convenient fryer to enjoy its benefits.

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