Helpful Thoughts on How To Make Your House More Relaxing

We all want peace, I mean who doesn’t right? Because without it, we will turn into unstable, unwanted, aggressive and crazy human beings that gives nuisance and problems to others rather than help them achieve their daily goals. That’s why it is very important that the mind, after a stressful day or experience, should be rid of any bad memories and decompressed and free from stressors. It will help you recuperate and regain your strength to tackle the next obstacles ahead. In short, you need a place to relax and escape from realty, and there is no other place that I could think of than one’s home.

They say home is where the heart is, it’s one hundred percent true! But the thing is, not every home is as relaxing as it should be. Many just go home to sleep, eat or watch tv, but what I want everyone to experience is the sweet, mind relaxing harmony that a home really gives. This is achievable and you don’t need a doctorate degree to make it happen because its all about how you rearrange, what you replace and add to your home. And here are some helpful thoughts on how to make your house more relaxing.

Litter Free

A nice clean home is a very relaxing sight to see. You don’t want to come home and see dirty dishes, trash here and there, dirty clothes on the sofa, aand other undesirables roaming around right? So that’s why its time to get rid of all the things that you don’t use anymore, and always remember to pick up every piece of trash, wash every dish, and put all dirty clothing in the wash bin everytime you go to work or have an afternoon jog. With a little time management, all things are possible!

Fill it with Flowers!

Flowers are very relaxing to the eyes and mind. Seeing colorful petals will remind you about the happiness and joy of life and that everything will be alright in the long run, that;s why a flower vase in the living room, kitchen, tv rom and bathroom won’t hurt! And if it was up to me, pastel colored flowers would be the best choice for any home, just make sure you are not allergic to the kind that you choose.

Scented Candles

This is a trick that I’ve learned from my mom. One of the key factors in creating a very light and relaxing household atmosphere is by making it smell good, and there is no better way to that than getting scented candles! This critters come in different colors, sizes and of course smell! From fruits to perfume scented wax masterpieces, these will literary give you a free aromatherapy session when lit.

Make your Living Room Alive!

Finally, I would have to say that the living room is where you sit down and get rid of whatever is aching your already stressed out body. That’s why hanging paintings, pictures or posters on your and wall is one way of helping you get rid of stress. And if I might say, get the softest cushions and pillows that you can find for your sofas or lazyboys, they help create a more secure and stress free environment. Also, I would suggest that if you have one of those big flat screen tv’s, get a wall mount installed so that it will have the appropriate height that you need in order to watch your favorite movie, plus it will also give room for a good sound system, that will also help you relax by listening to your favorite music.

The key to making this successful is by expanding the ideas that I have given you. There is no shame in creating your own version and I do recommend that you go with whatever theme, color, furniture or style that you want. As long as it will make you feel more relaxed at home, it’s no problem for me. Ciao!

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Sarah Grace Del Rosario is a blogger from and Aside from sharing her musings in the online world, she is also a full time event planner and stylist at Del Rosario Events and Photography.

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